IIT Delhi Hostel for First year students

TVC-mall WW

Always be the first person to reach your hostel room the first day 😛

This is the kind of room you get (Obviously it is cleaned. This is one of the other rooms I clicked which was not supposed to be occupied :P)

Interestingly, one of my room-mate was from Rajasthan and the other one from Bihar. Me being a Delhite, you can imagine the diversity in the room.

It was 1 PM (Lunch in IIT-D was from 1–2 PM) and we went for lunch in the hostel mess. Seeing the hostel mess at a glance was like nothing I had seen in real life or even movies. Seeing so many students have food together was just amazing.

This is snap of our hostel mess. It could seat up to 150 people at once. Again, it used to be in a much orderly manner. So, don’y judge from this picture 😛

Then, in the evening we were expecting for all of us to be ragged. Rather, it was a very friendly session with seniors from BSW (Board for Student Welfare. Every hostel had 2 students from second year appointed as BSW Representatives who were like the point of contact for every fresher). It was a fun session wherein they told us about out the things we should take care of in the first few days and the fun slangs used in IIT. They told us that the seniors are themselves in awe of us due to the strict anti-ragging policy.

After that, we went back to our rooms. It had been a long day and our lives had changed drastically. Soaking that feeling in, we slept. It was not a good sleep given it was the month of July and there was no cooler/ AC in the room (Something which we can’t live without now).

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