VIT(Vellore Institute of Technology), Vellore

To get the hostel of your choice you should have a decent CGPA .For freshers rooms are allotted as per your choice during counselling .For freshers M,N and P blocks are reserved and no senior can get room in these.

So let us begin-

  • A Block- Capacious rooms ,hostel has 4 floor including has a common TV and two badminton courts . Night canteen is also available. Quite close to MB, SMV so ideal for students who have more classes there.
  • B Block – Usually peaceful , rooms are smaller rooms compared to the ones from other blocks , include TVs on every floor and a Table Tennis table on the top floor.A major setback of B block is that it is quite far from the academic buildings.
  • C Block – Really a decent block , near to Enzo , really close to main subway and the one in front of TT , It has two badminton courts . Rooms are quite spacious and ventilated . Overall a great block less crowded , peaceful and near to academic buildings too.
  • D block- Best block if you want single room , there is also a lift in this 3 storied block , if you like to have a lot of fun with friends better choose some other block as it can get quite lonely here 🙁 . Must be a 9 pointer if you want an ac room here.
  • D annex- A 5 floored hostel behind D block and at a great location relatively closer to Enzo , outdoor stadium , swimming pool , subway in front if TT etc. It has a special mess which is one of the best in Vit.
  • E block – It has great two bedded rooms, 3 badminton courts .Generally a peaceful block and the best part is you can reach TT through subway in a minute so if you are in habit of waking up late just go for it XD . Just make sure you do not end up taking that side of the hostel which is opposite to sewage.
  • F block- Almost every type of room is here except some though rooms are quite compact and beds are bunk beds but the good part is that you can get A.C rooms even if you have an average CGPA.
  • G Block- Big rooms , Wide corridors .9 pointers who want stay with others generally opt for G block as it has great 4 bed A.C rooms with a medical clinic too and also close to the outdoor stadium.
  • H Block – Generally tidy rooms .There is no badminton court in it but has a tennis , basketball and volleyball court in front of it.The block also has special mess and a north Indian mess.If you have class in MB,SMV etc then it is better to take this block.
  • J Block – Sister block of H situated right next to it. Almost every same advantage like H Block
  • K Block – Most of the blocks available here 6 bedded AC and Non AC .It has a wide variety of messes -Food Park , Zenith which has special, north and south, SRRC and it also has special, north and south . The night canteen is decent.Quite spacious rooms with good ventilation .But it has 10 floors and you have to wait a lot for lifts -_- and it is quite far from MB and other buildings near it
  • L Block- L Block include spacious rooms, good ventilation , the messes available around L Block include the ones of K block as both are nearby .It also shares the same disadvantages as K block.
  • Q Block – It is the newest addition to the men’s hostel blocks and therefore is flawless in terms of
  • has fingerprint turnstile so to enter in this block you have to give you finger print It has a veg , special and paid mess .Q Block has 2,3,4 and 6- bedded AC rooms (Centralized AC). The rooms are sufficiently big.
  • N and M block – Both of them are quite same in the terms of infrastructure facilities etc. Both of them are centrally air conditioned .Both have 11 floors .In my opinion N block rooms are a bit more spacious than M block and there is one more disadvantage for M block that railway tracks are just behind it so for those who are live in M block are often disturbed by it but these to blocks are really good in comparison to some other blocks.They have huge balconies on various floors.
  • P Block -All the freshers get their messes in this block , it has 4 messes veg. , non veg. and 2 special messes . It is really spacious than any other . Clean and open corridor. Large windows for circulation of air in the rooms.

All three of them are interlinked and the passage between them opens during Breakfast , lunch , snacks and Dinner.Below I am attaching some pics taken of and from N-Block.