ISRO Scientist/Engineer Salary Structure

ISRO Scientist/Engineers perform duties and are delegated with responsibilities such as:

  • To develop, design, and test different systems that will be used in either present ongoing projects or future projects related to ISRO.
  • Reporting of day to day activities to higher authorities
  • Conducting Experimental & Research work on a day to day basis based upon the project allocated
  • To Manage the subordinate staffs under them and guide them in process.

ISRO Scientist/Engineer Salary Structure:

  • The ISRO Scientist Engineer gets a good in-hand salary along with the tag of one of the most respectable job in the country.
  • The ISRO Scientist Engineer salary has a pay scale of level 10 ie the salary ranges between ₹56100 to ₹177500.
  • In addition to it, the ISRO Scientist Engineer/ Scientist also gets additional benefits & allowances as well.

ISRO Scientist Perks And Additional benefits:

  • Transport Allowance (TA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • Pension
  • Leave Travel Concession
  • Provident Fund
  • Medical facilities

ISRO Scientist Growth & Promotion:

  • The growth in this organization is immense if you keep on performing well.
  • The first promotion for ISRO Scientist/Engineer is after every 4 years.
  • A review committee will be formed for the appraisal and your contribution to the organization will be accessed and promotion will be done accordingly.
  • If your work has not been satisfied by the panel then one needs to wait for another 4 years for the next promotion/appraisal.

Salary of the SP (IPS)?

An IPS officer is recruited through UPSC every year. It is one of the Group A and the most coveted post after IAS.

An IPS is initialy the posted as a DSP i.e Deputy Suprintendent of Police with a salary of ₹56100 (excluding DA, HRA and other benefits).

3 Stars

Then he is promoted to ASP i.e Additional Suprintendent of Police with a salary of ₹67700 (excluding DA, HRA and other benefits).

1 emblem

Finally after 5–6 years of total service as an IPS officer, he is promoted SP i.e Suprintendent of Police with a monthly salary of ₹78800 (excluding DA, HRA and other benefits).

1 star and 1 Emblem

Further career progression of an SP is as follows:

  • Senior Suprintendent of Police (SP)
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)
  • Inspector General of Police (IG)
  • Additional Director General of Police (ADG)
  • Director General of Police (DGP)

Month salary of an IRS officer

The Indian Revenue Service abbreviated as IRS, is the revenue service of the Government of India. It is one of the Central Civil Services (Group A). The Service functions under the Department of Revenue in the Union Ministry of Finance and is concerned with the collection and administration of the various Direct and Indirect Taxes accruing to the Union Government.

IRS comprises two branches – IRS (Income Tax) and IRS (Customs and Central Excise), which are controlled by two separate statutory bodies, viz., Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) and Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) respectively.


  • Taxation
  • Revenue administration
  • Enforcement
  • Revenue intelligence ; etc.


While working with IRS you can also work with IB, R&AW, CBI etc. Those who really want to work with IPS but if unfortunately are not selected can think of IRS as an option.Even our Arvind Kejriwal was an IRS officer.

Who enjoys the highest salary in a government job in India?

1. Indian Foreign Services

Indian foreign Services officers are selected through Civil Services exams conducted by the UPSC. These diplomats represent the country in foreign countries. IFS officers spend more than two-thirds of their career in foreign countries, with a maximum period of 3 years in one country. While in the foreign postings, they, along with the salaries and perks of all Grade A employees, receive additional foreign allowance calculated on the Cost of Living Index issued by the United Nations, which is within the range of USD 3500-5000. So the salaries and perks offered are-

  • Starting salary is between USD 4000-5500
  • They get wonderful accommodation in the world’s best cities
  • Free education in international schools for their children
  • Official luxury car
  • Housemaid
  • Free medical care
  • Free air tickets to travel to India.

2. IAS and IPS

IAS and IPS are the most sought-after government jobs in our country. On the one hand, these officers get to work in diverse fields and are part of policymaking in India, on the other hand, perks of these jobs are unmatchable. Most importantly, IAS and IPS officers are bestowed with huge power in their hands. Perks, security of job and power make these jobs the most desirable among the youth.

The salary and perks of IAS & IPS officers-

  • Entry level pay of nearly Rs. 50,000 along with DA.
  • Big bungalow like houses in posh localities when posted as DM.
  • An official vehicle and chauffeur.
  • In some States, security guards are also provided.
  • They get subsidized electricity.
  • They can get study leaves for higher education in Foreign Universities at govt sponsorship.

3. Defense Services

Defense services officials are provided salary and perks more than their civil counterparts. These jobs involve risk and adventure. The promotion aspects are one of the best. Through various exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, etc. people join these services. Although pay and perks vary from service to service and location to location, a general overview is-

  • Entry level salary at the rank of Lieutenant- Rs. 50,000-60,000 + DA
  • Good Accommodation.
  • Uniform allowance
  • Free ration
  • Maintenance allowance
  • High altitude allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • Children Education allowance
  • Pension after retirement

4. Scientists/Engineers in ISRO, DRDO

The young engineering graduates who have an interest in Research and development, and want to be the part of India’s growth story in a substantial way, can apply for the posts of engineers or scientists in ISRO and DRDO or other such organizations like BARC. Working in these organizations, one may earn huge respect in the society. These organizations pay remunerative salaries to their employees.

  • Basic Salary at entry level – Rs. 55,000-60,000
  • House rental allowance or accommodation
  • Transport allowance- Rs. 7200
  • Bonus after 6 months
  • Free food at the canteens
  • Many other allowances

5. RBI Grade B

When it comes to banking services, none is a better employer than the RBI. RBI Grade B is the best post to start banking career. One can be promoted up to the level of Deputy Governor. The estimated CTC of RBI Grade B officer is nearly Rs. 18 lakh per annum. Here’s an overview of their perks:

  • Entry-level salary- Rs. 67,000 (approx.)+ DA
  • A 3-BHK flat in posh localities.
  • 180 liters of petrol/annum
  • Children education allowance
  • Every two years; Rs. 1 lakh allowance for tours

Many other perks like maid allowance, newspaper allowance, laptop allowance, study leave, etc. make RBI the best organization to work.

6. PSU

The engineers who do not like corporate lifestyle, often choose to Public sector Undertakings. PSU provide job security as well as salaries comparable to private counterparts. The salaries vary by organization and job location, but most of the Maharatnas like ONGC, IOCL, and BHEL have almost similar salary structure with minor modifications. The most preferred way to get a job into PSUs is through GATE. The estimated CTC of PSUs is Rs. 10-12 lakh. The breakout of salary is-

  • In hand salary excluding all allowances- Rs. 52,000 (approx.)+DA
  • Company accommodation or HRA
  • Shift allowance (it increases the salary by Rs. 3000-4000)
  • Special compensatory off for plant-based location

Other allowances include House maintenance, Transport subsidy, subsidized canteen, Furniture allowance, laptop allowance, etc.

7. Indian Forest Services

Indian Forest service is the best job for those who want to escape city life, prefer to live in the lap of nature and enjoy pristine environment. The officers are supposed to work in the field of forestry as well as wildlife. Life of an IFoS officer is full of adventures. Officers are expected to protect the environment, regulate mines and forest activities in the protected areas and look after the needs of forest dwellers. The emoluments given to IFoS officers are at par with IAS officers.

  • Entry level salary is Rs. 52,000 (approx.) +DA
  • Big well-furnished house
  • An official vehicle and driver
  • A house helper
  • Subsidized electricity

And many other benefits which are available to Group A officers of central government.

8. State Service Commissions

Like UPSC conducts exam for Grade A- All India Services and Central Government Department’s posts. Similarly, every state conducts exams for the posts like SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police), ETO (Excise and Taxation Officer), Tehsildar, etc. These officials are just below the ranks of directly recruited officers through the UPSC. The responsibilities and powers of PCS officers are comparable to Grade A officers. An IAS officer works as the intermediary between Centre and state whereas PCS officers manage only the affairs of the State. Unlike IAS officers, PCS officers do not have to worry about the transfers.

Salary in all States vary, but on an average, their salary is between Rs. 35,000- 45,000. The other incentives like a furnished house, official vehicle, driver, electricity allowance, etc. are also given to them.

9. Lecturers/Assistant Professors in Government Colleges

Teaching jobs are the most peaceful jobs. It provides enough of free time, and it is probably the only profession which let you enjoy vacations. The salary of an Assistant Professors varies from Rs. 40,000-1,00,000 at entry level. The institutes like IITs, NITs, etc. provide higher pay bands; while teachers in art colleges are paid less. Also, Ph.D. degree holders are paid more. An Assistant Professor in a technical college draws Rs. 75,000-80,000 as the initial salary. Other benefits like medical facilities, accommodation, laptop allowance, etc. are also given.

10. ASO in Ministry of External Affairs

ASO in MEA is a Grade B post, and selection to this post is made through SSC CGL exam. The biggest incentive of working in MEA is foreign postings. Throughout the career, an ASO can get 6 foreign postings- each posting having a time period of 3 years. For the foreign posting, passing the foreign language proficiency test is mandatory. Salary and incentives-

  • When on foreign posting, salary varies between Rs. 1.25- 1.8 lakhs
  • Government provided accommodation