NIT ANDHRA PRADESH ( Tadepalligudem )

Tadepalligudem is a very small town but there are few theatres and restaurants to chill out in the weekend. Still the campus is not full fledged as the construction works are going on but by the end of this year you can see a full fledged campus.

Vidyuth Bhavan:

Academic Complex :

This is Academic complex-1 where classes are held.This was newly constructed building and classes started here from December,2019.

These are different views of our academic block.

Laboratory Complex

During sunrise

During sunset

Library under construction

Ground for Outdoor games

These are Workshops. Civil and Mechanical.

Central Public Works Department ( CPWD) building :

Boys Hostel :

These are the pics of boys hostel. There are 7 blocks .Each block was named by the River Godavari and its tributaries.Here are some pics of the hostel blocks.

Inside Boys Hostel :

We are the first batch to enter into permanent campus.

They will provide cot . But this pic is taken when they are arranging cots.

For first year, we have 4–5 for a room where as for second year, 2 for a room and for 3rd , 4th years ,one for a room.

This is our mess. This consists of four halls.

This is night view of our hostel.

Girls Hostel :

This is Girl’s hostel ,which consists of 5 blocks. These are named by the Krishnaveni and some lakes names . Here i’m adding some pics.

This is Guest house of our NIT.

Interior of our beautiful Guest House :


Corridor –

Presidential Suit –

Lift and Lounge-


Dining Hall –

Bathrooms –

Night view of Guest House.

Faculty Quarters:

Staff Quarters:

Ground :

The work related to ground is going on as of March, 2020 . Here are some pictures related to them.

Basketball Court :

Canteen :

About 5 Cabinet Ministers of Andhrapradesh Government, 8 MLAs of surroundings Constituencies of Tadepalligudem town , Local MP and District Magistrate came to open this and to lay the foundation stone for Laboratory Complex -2 .

And some random pics :

NIT Andhrapradesh is only the NIT which has straight main road in campus, which is a runway used in World War – II . This road is about 2.5 KM.

The total campus construction is divided into three phases. As of now, the first is almost completed. The work for second and third phases will start soon. All the above developments are part of First Phase.

Our college is still a developing one. There are many beautiful scenarios in our college from which I posted here some.You will definitely enjoy in this atmosphere.