Now lets move to India’s largest sport complex of any colleges.

And many more… ● My personal department : COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING

● My neighbour and giant ECE building.

You will struggle to get it into your full frame.

And some other departments building you know…. ● Boring classroom things.

● Newly built Shopping complex

● International guest house. Visit my college atleast once. 🙂

● Girls hostel and 2nd year hostel. Almost similar design.

Placement & Higher studies: Simply depends on how much concerned you are about placement.
Here i have seen some people getting offers from Microsoft, Amazon in 3rd year only, whereas some are not even eligible to sit for placement and simply they know when and where they ignored things completely.

FAQ: Does branch matters in placement?

Ans: Yes, it does.
Being a cse student, if i talk about this year’s average package of cse then it was between 11.5 to 12 lakhs per annum and last year it was around 9 lakhs. Ece has decent placement as well.
In Core branches like mechanical, electrical, Instrumental, production and civil, placement is upto the mark and condition is same in others colleges too. From these branches some students are touching milestone in higher studies. (Below screenshots)

Also from core branches, many manage to get IT sector jobs. I will end this section by saying that your placement depends on you.

Well, the most shouted term of modern world, i.e How is coding culture here? I must tell you, this thing is growing here immensely in the recent few years, seniors guide very well, they share all materials and have maintained well managed structure for it, primarily focussing on competitive coding.

Facilities: Just one word- Magnificent. You get the india’s biggest sport complex among all colleges, you get supercomputer, ISRO incubation Center which is first ever in entire country, a peaceful and well located Digital libaray, a park inside campus, well equipped virtual classrooms, Gym, Hospital, banks, International guest house, shopping complex etc. I think i don’t need to say more.

● The lake

● Sarkari Aspatal (NITA Hospital) cum rose garden :).

● The fest centre

● A park for you if you luckily get into relationship. 🙂

● Roads

● Fly clicks of campus

I witnessed the below moment one morning in last winter. Soothing to eyes.  

Fooding: If we talk about food, i will say “It’s like a relationship, initially everything seem to be fun but later you feel bored, so it doesn’t mean that problem is in relationship, problem is with individual”:) , Condition is same for all colleges, no one likes their college mess food. With college mess and canteen, there are food stalls where you can easily get varieties of fast foods. One interesting thing is in NITA that there is a restaurant named “South restaurant” where they mostly offer South dishes. I think you will hardly find such things in other NITs.

College life & activities: Imagine some people around you speaking Bengali, some Telugu, some Tamil, some English and some speaking hindi. Yes, you will get vibrant life and i tell you that local people are so nice here, forget about any clashes with them. You will be awestruck by seeing zero ragging and helpful nature of seniors.
Campus is spread over 360 acres area so whatever you will need, you will get in campus itself and for rest you visit Agartala city which is 20 km far from our NIT by taking auto or institute bus.

Connectivities: well, since it is a northeast NIT, so it do create some problems in travelling to home, and sometimes you will have to pay the ample amount for flight charges. Rest, i disagree with the so called statement that “placement get hampered because of its remote location”. See, now is the completely online world, companies will take you anyhow if you are worthy one for them.