Hostel life at IIT Roorkee

IIT Bio-Technology

When you land up for the first time in hostel, you are totally surrounded by fears.

  1. Locking things and keeping them at correct places so that they don’t get lost.
  2. Keeping a track of your clothes and having the fear you may lose them.
  3. You have to give clothes to the washerman, then hang them, check if they have dried, then pile them up in your almirah, AND all of this happens amongst your classes.
  4. As most of the IIT Campus’ are build amongst lush greenery, we often end up inviting mosquitoes and lizards to our room. It happened to my roommate twice in the first week that a lizard happened to enter his almirah.
  5. There are very few bathrooms and we fear to wait in a line in the morning for bath (The waiting line decreases gradually to zero, though)
  6. I luckily got a single room, but many of my friends are always in the fear that they may get their room locked when they reach, and this happens quite frequent too.
  7. Cleaning the room once and now is a burden in itself.
  8. Once a football came flying from the ground in front and hit my door real hard, man I was sleeping then and I just got shocked for real.
  9. You are never certain about the weather and it has happened that clothes get wet when it happens when we are back in LHC.
  10. Waking up by yourself in the morning is the biggest fear. We usually end up sending tons of messages to friends to wake us up in the mornin’.
  11. Sometimes dogs just end up in corridors!
  12. When you want to study for legit but can’t resist your friends crashing at your door. This happens the most. When we are up for a pending assignment or something, peeps just come crashing at door.


Bhawans! That is how IITR define there dwelling places on the sprawling IIT campus. These bhawans are legacy and they remind of us the glory this institute has had and of the renaissance it has witnessed.

Homes away from home are as modern as they can be. More importantly, though have spawned the cultures that make the campus an unforgettable experience. It’s here that midnight cricket tournaments, early morning sessions, community computer warfare and so many other things find expression.

Each hostel has a state of art Cyber Cafe, managed by students. All hostels are now fully Wifi connected, meaning that the Internet permeates the space we live in. And who could imagine life without midnight snacks at the Bhawan Canteens, especially after an intense or gaming session? And all this, in peaceful, clean, aesthetic environs, the likes of which very few places in the world can boast.

Azad Bhwan

Cautley Bhawwn

Ganga Bhawan

Govind Bhawan

Jawahar Bhawan

Radhakrishnan Bhawan

Rajendra Bhawan

Rajiv Bhawan

Ravindra Bhawan

Malviya Bhawan

and three Girls’ Hostels

  • Sarojini Bhawan
  • Kasturba bhawan
  • Indira Bhawan

6 Married hostels

  • G.P.Hostel
  • M.R.Chopra
  • Azad Wingh
  • D.S.Barrack
  • A.N.Khosla House
  • K.I.H

1 Co-ed Hostel

  • Vigyan kunj

Freshers live in Rajendra Bhawan . This is old building and look like as government buildings. But inside facilities are good. Some facilities are given below.

  1. A bed , a reading table , one chair ,one tea table and one almirah.
  2. Hostel give a fan and allowed to use your own cooler or heater without any electricity charge.
  3. A lan connection and WiFi with given below speed.
  4. Some students have single room and some have double seated room .
  5. All hostels have their own mess. Mess gives breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  6. Good bathrooms with geyser. Water cooler for drinking water.
  7. No restriction for going outside hostel 24*7.
  8. A common room with TV.
  9. Canteen with 24*7.
  10. Sports and gym also available.
  11. Cyber cafe , barber shop and stationary shop available in each hostel.

What should I take with me to my IIT hostel?

As I you know that I study in IIT ROORKEE. I got hostel after admission same day. I got single room .
Essential things
1. Bucket, lock, bed, kettle, knife, MakeUp things, Waste newspaper etc.
2. Laptop which includes minimum these features
1. 8 gb RAM
2. 1 TB HDD
3. 256 GB SSD
And a bicycle.
Below things are provided by hostel
  1. Bed , tea table , study table, chair , almirah and LAN cable.
Some of you think to buy laptop after 1st sem but this is wrong if you have not any financial issue then you should by laptop as soon as possible.