IIT MANDI Campus Life

Founded in 2009, IIT Mandi is located in the Shivalik range of Himalayas. IIT Mandi’s vision is to be leader in science and technology education, knowledge creation and innovation, in an India marching towards a just, inclusive and sustainable society.

Campus Insights

The Institute’s main campus, called Kamand Campus, is located in the picturesque Uhl river valley at Kamand, which is situated at about 15 kms from the historic town of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. IIT Mandi is the first among new IITs to develop and use its main campus.

IIT Mandi permanent campus is located at Kamand and is divided into two parts: South and North Campus. All the 4 B.tech Batches along with some PG students stay at South Campus. Most of the PG students stay at North Campus.

The residential campus in the serene landscape by the river Uhl offers a world-class academic environment with a high quality of life in a setting of natural splendor.

The main campus of IIT Mandi at Kamand has well equipped class rooms and computing facilities. Good teaching laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering have been developed at Kamand campus.


The Tech-savvy students have formed various clubs related to Technology. Some of them are:

Robotronics Club: A society which conducts regular workshops and combines the robotics with electronics along with the “RoboWars” for the “Robo” Freaks.

Programming Club: A society ,especially for the coders, to explore new possibilities in programming and to put their skills to test at the same time.

All technical clubs are active in organizing seminars and competitions. Many of the students have published research papers along with the faculty members with the assistance of the technical clubs.

Societies and Events

IIT Mandi witnesses a great participation in all the events conducted by the cultural and literary societies. These societies conduct events regularly for ensuring the development of the cultural and literary skills of the students.

The literary society of IIT Mandi EDLS (English Debating and Literary Society) makes sure that events like Group Discussions,Debates and Just a Minute are organised every two weeks to enhance the communication skills of the students.

The Music society, Dramatics society and the Dance society are also very active in conducting competitions and group events with a view to ensure that the students learn the importance of a synchronized effort for victory. The dance, literary and music society participated in Antaragini at IIT Kanpur.

Exodia is the annual Tech-Cult Fest of IIT Mandi. The events in Exodia brought together the creative skills and talents of the students and provided an enriching experience to one and all. Management of such a large scale fest is done entirely by students, from cold calling sponsors and inviting participating to real time management of the events.

Hostel Facility

IIT Mandi has fully residential campus with the current strength of approximately 1300 students residing in 5 boys’ hostels and 2 girls’ hostels. At present these hostels are situated in the two campuses. The south campus consists four hostels; Prashar hostel, Suvalsar hostel, Nako hostel and Chandra Taal Hostel. The north campus has three hostels; Beas Kund Hostel, Dashir hostel and Gauri Kund hostel and one more is coming up.


Currently there are four messes in the campus, two each in both campuses, that serve food to all hostelers. The food quality and menu in these messes is regularly supervised and controlled by the team of mess secretaries elected by the students body. Besides, There are five to six canteens in campus that gives a variety of food options to students.

IIT Mandi can boast of world class hostel facilities inside the hostels, as all the hostels are equipped with WI-FI internet connection, LCD television, washing machine, cloth dryer, microwave oven, induction heater, refrigerator, electric iron and facilities for indoor games such table tennis, foosball, carom etc. Management of hostel is taken care by the warden and assistant warden with the help of a caretaker. Caretaker is available in the hostel round the clock. Each hostel has its own student general body of student representatives in the form of general secretary, cultural secretary, sports secretary and mess secretary.


Sports occupy the pride of place in the hearts of the students of IIT Mandi.The college organises regular inter hostel and intra hostel sports events to promote the athletes and to encourage the students to improve their physical stamina. IIT Mandi has also participated in Inter IIT sports and has shown its flair in many events like cricket, aquatics, basketball, badminton, football, volleyball and table tennis. IIT Mandi has become the first newer IIT to win bronze medal in Table Tennis Girls.


IIT Mandi has a Central Library located in the main campus. A growing collection of books and journals in soft and in print forms is housed in the central library. The Library currently houses over 18791 print books, 19622 e-books and provides access to more than 12000 e-journals. The library has also subscribed to e-books from several reputed publishers. The Library also has a very good collection of audio-video materials. All records of the library are accessible on a Web based platform, Web OPAC.

So, The students of IIT Mandi love to participate in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, thereby ensuring a very strong all round development of their personality. One of the best advantages of being in an IIT with fewer students is that almost all students get to play a very important role in the organizing of various events,thereby honing their managerial skills.Many groups of like minded students have formed various societies in order to pursue their interests.

Winter Time

Guest House