The syllabus of a B.Tech in artificial intelligence at IIT Hyderabad

Since Indian engineering curriculum is 40 years old hence NO Indian engineering institution produces any skilled-employable AI/ML professional. Also, since there are NO such internationally known AI/ML professionals in India hence NO Indian building can produce any such skilled AI/ML professional.

There is infinite demand of highly skilled AI/ML professionals in all the developed countries of the world, even without any school or college degrees, but it would take about 6+ years of computer programming practice to become this much skilled for

Difference between an IIT Hyderabad student and an IIIT Hyderabad student

IIT Hyderabad takes its admission on the basis of Jee Advanced ranks whereas IIIT Hyderabad takes admission on the basis of Jee mains ranks and on its own entrance exam also. Student quality is same exactly the same.

The average package of iit Hyderabad is around 12 Lakhs per annum whereas the average package of iiit Hyderabad is around 20–22 lakhs per annum .

IIT Hyderabad students enjoy the status of IIT whereas the students of iiit Hyderabad loves the placement. Both colleges comes under top 10 engineering colleges of India. Both are the institutes of national importance but the brand value of iit Hyderabad is more than that of iiit Hyderabad.

IIT Hyderabad Campus

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (abbreviated IIT Hyderabad or IITH) is a public technical and Research university located in Sangareddy district, Telangana , India . IITH is known for its Academic strength ,research publication and proximity to IT and industrial hubs.

IITH was founded in 2008, among the eight young Indian institute of technology (IITs). It has 1,155 Undergraduate, 635 Masters and 893 PhD students with 222 full-time faculties.


  1. ESTABLISHED — 2008(13 YEAR AGO).

1.Hostel Area

  1. The Hostel Blocks are build using the latest French Technology. Its design is a treat for your eyes.

 The Hostel Blocks are equipped with “Radiant Cooling Technology”, which circulates cold water through the tubes in the wall, which keep the room very cold on the hot summer days. Believe it or not- Some students tend to sleep with the jacket on, for the summer days because of this radiant cooling.

2.Dining hall

3.Chemical Engg and mechanical Engg Buildings

The academic blocks are built using foreign design, which is beautiful as well as highly efficient. All academic blocks are built in such a way that it has the maximum air circulation and sunlight.

4. Faculty and staff residential buildings

5.Hostel area

5.Shirucafe Area

Iam attaching a night view of the Hostels below.

How to reach IIT HYDERABAD

To reach Indian Institute of Technology (IITHyderabad (Not to be confused with IIIT-H, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, which is in Gachibowli)-

  • Nearest Village- Kandi (0.5km) Nearest Town- Sangareddy (8km).
  • Catch any bus to Sangareddy from MGBS(Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station or IMLIBUN) or from JBS (Jubilee Bus Station) .
  1. MGBS to Sangareddy Routue: MGBS (near Koti Main Bus Stop) – Ameerpet- Kukatpally- Lingampally- Patancheru – Sangareddy.
  2. JBS to Sangareddy Route : JBS (Near Secunderabad Railway Station)- Balanagar – Kukatpally -Lingampally – Patancheru – Sangareddy.
  3. If you are coming from Shamshabad or Airport route, catch any bus from Gacchibowli to Patancheru. From Patancheru U can easily reach IIT Hyderabad Campus.
  4. By car, get onto outer ring road at Shamshabad airport and get down at Muthangi village near Patancheru. From there move towards Sangereddy to reach IIT Hyderabad.
  • All ordinary buses that start from Patancheru to Sangareddy stop at Kandi village. And on request, they also stop before IIT Hyderabad campus, which comes just before Kandi village. IIT Hyderabad is exactly midway from Kavalampet village and Kandi village when you are heading from Patancheru to Sangareddy town.


A healthy campus life plays a pivotal role in the all-round development of the students. Along with the intense academic schedule and brain-storming class hours, the students of IIT Hyderabad indulge in extensive sporting action.


IITH has a sprawling campus of 576 acres abutting the Hyderabad-Pune/Mumbai national highway. Currently IITH has three academic buildings, hostel blocks, dining facility and sports facilities. The next phase of construction will add 9 more academic buildings, sports and cultural complex, knowledge center, technology incubation park, research center complex, guest house, convention village, administrative building, lecture hall complex, health center and campus school.


The Student Executive body called the ‘Gym- khana’ is a student governed body headed by a President, who along with the council, ensures smooth functioning of all the student affairs.



The Technical-cum-Cultural Festival of IIT Hyderabad is the best exhibition of the management and organizational skills of the students. The internationally recog- nized event is very popular among the students all over the state. The students’ active participation in cultural, technical and literary competitions has made it a grand success.


ηvision is the techno-management fest organised by the students of IIT Hyderabad with a motto of providing a platform to the technical enthusiasts of our country to explore, innovate and showcase their technical and engineering prowess. ηvision started in 2011 and over the past 3 years it has gradually evolved from an inter-college festival to one of the most recognized techno-management fests of the country.

Hostel & Dining

IITH offers very comfortable accommodation for its students. To beat the heat during summer the hostels are designed with radiant cooling technique. Every student is provided a single room with basic infrastructure such as bed, cupboard and a study table.

IITH as a common dining facility for its students, staff, and faculty. Both north Indian and south Indian varieties are served in the dining hall. The quality of food is regularly inspected by the student representatives and the wardens.

Shiru Cafe @ the IITH campus is the first one outside Japan. The Cafe is manned by Japanese student interns and offers free beverages to IITH fraternity.


IIT-Hyderabad provides full fledged facilities for all outdoor sports. A well equipped Gymnasium and regular practice has shown great results at Inter-IIT sports meets.


IITH has a well equipped library with more than 20,000 books and 10,000 periodicals. The books include reference books as well as the ones for regular circulation. IITH also has an internal repository of scholarly publications made by its faculty and students.


Clubs are the integral part of any college. The enthusiastic students of IIT Hyderabad have also formed many significant clubs like Sci-tech. Clubs which include Kludge, Infero, Electronica, Cepheid, Endeavour, Torque, Robotics along with the colorful Cultural Clubs enlisting Gesture, Movie Club, Photography Club, Rang de manch,Vibes. Regular cultural rendezvous have transformed the student community into a happy family where all major festivals are celebrated with pomp and gaiety.

Night Life revolves around the various workshops and competitions conducted by numerous student-managed clubs. To sum it up, life at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad is the IIT experience lived king size.