IIT Delhi Hostel for First year students

Always be the first person to reach your hostel room the first day 😛

This is the kind of room you get (Obviously it is cleaned. This is one of the other rooms I clicked which was not supposed to be occupied :P)

Interestingly, one of my room-mate was from Rajasthan and the other one from Bihar. Me being a Delhite, you can imagine the diversity in the room.

It was 1 PM (Lunch in IIT-D was from 1–2 PM) and we went for lunch in the hostel mess. Seeing the hostel mess at a glance was like nothing I had seen in real life or even movies. Seeing so many students have food together was just amazing.

This is snap of our hostel mess. It could seat up to 150 people at once. Again, it used to be in a much orderly manner. So, don’y judge from this picture 😛

Then, in the evening we were expecting for all of us to be ragged. Rather, it was a very friendly session with seniors from BSW (Board for Student Welfare. Every hostel had 2 students from second year appointed as BSW Representatives who were like the point of contact for every fresher). It was a fun session wherein they told us about out the things we should take care of in the first few days and the fun slangs used in IIT. They told us that the seniors are themselves in awe of us due to the strict anti-ragging policy.

After that, we went back to our rooms. It had been a long day and our lives had changed drastically. Soaking that feeling in, we slept. It was not a good sleep given it was the month of July and there was no cooler/ AC in the room (Something which we can’t live without now).


1 .

  2. The Main Building

           Main Building from Biotech lawns

The passage there, through the building, is what we call Wind-T (Wind tunnel)   3. Athletics Ground

4 .

5. Lecture Hall

6. Dogra Hall (outside)

7. Dogra Hall (inside)

8. Lecture Hall Complex

9.  Central Library

10.  Chemistry Laboratory

11.  Swimming Pool

12.   Mess(Vindhyachal Hostel)

13. My hostel (Zanskar Hostel)

  14. Terrace View from my Hostel


16. SAC Circle

17.  IIT Logo(Made from Waste)

18.  The Pencil Tree

19.  Wanna have a walk?

20.  Peaceful evenings after a tired day

21.  Lush Green Paths

17. Night Outs

How is campus life at IIT Delhi?

The campus of the Institute extends to an area of 320 acres. With many topographical features, imaginatively laid out with picturesque landscape, numerous buildings of various nature and stature, and clean and wide roads, the campus presents a spectacle of harmony in architecture and natural beauty.

IIT Delhi provides science-based engineering education with a view to produce quality engineer-scientists. The curriculum provides broad based knowledge and simultaneously builds a temper for the life long process of learning and exploring.

“IIT Delhi is the dream of every science student. You get to live what actually is the ideal college life. You are totally independent there. The hostel life, academics, co-curricular, extra-curricular, events, fests, and everything just make it an amazing place to spend 4 years of your life.”

Campus Insights

The campus is mainly divided into three zones: the Academic area, the Girls’ hostel and faculty residence area and the Boys’ hostel area. There is one main building in the academic area that is linked to all the blocks and lecture theatres. A new MS is also on the verge of completion of construction. The CSE people have got a fully AC Bharti School for themselves but now as the Khosla building is ready, CS department is hoped to shift there. And not to forget, Textile, being the oldest department, boasts of an entire building devoted to textile engineering.


Top-notch faculty members, a rich list of eminent alumni, Guest Faculty and International Faculty, IIT Delhi has it all. Being one of the highest ranking institutes in India, IIT Delhi offers a plethora of opportunities to interact and learn from professors involved in various fields of academics that not only widens your perspective but knowledge base as well.

Cultural Activities

The Board for Recreational and Cultural Activities(BRCA) is an amalgam of all the cultural clubs of IITD including Debating, Quizzing, Literary, Dance, Drama and Fine Arts. All these activities are carried out very enthusiastically at IITD and BRCA is definitely doing its role to keep it so. Also, it is the BRCA that organizes Rendezvous, the annual cultural festival. Rendezvous is the largest college festival of north India with thousands of students coming from numerous colleges in and around Delhi for the extravaganza. And honestly, rendezvous does live up to all the hype that surrounds it! BRCA events have a rich history of inter-hostel competition but since 2013-14, all events have become non-competitive. Nevertheless the enthusiasm is still there.

There is a separate Board for Student Publications, BSP that prints regular magazines and newsletters. BSP also organizes Literati, a literary fest, in September.


BSW, i.e. the Board of Students Welfare, is a board of elected students that have the responsibility of representing students before the administration and put forward students’ needs. Also BSW assigns a mentor( a 3rd yearite) to each student. She/he is to guide you in academic as well as non-academic matters throughout the first year. BSW organizes a fun festival, Esperanza in September. Also there is zero tolerance towards ragging at IITD and you can directly approach your mentor for help.

Sports Facility

Facilities include, a cricket field with four turf wickets, four flood-lit cricket practice pitches, flood-lit hockey and football grounds, three flood-lit volleyball and two basketball courts, eight flood-lit tennis courts (four synthetic and four clay courts), tennis practice wall, two squash courts, one badminton hall, two table tennis halls with synthetic flooring, one weight-lifting hall, Olympic size swimming pool, kid’s pool, two multi-gyms, a flood-lit stadium with 400 meters athletics track, flood-lit jogging track and ancillary arrangements for all the games.

Residential Life

The ambiance of student life and activities on the campus is to provide an invigorating and creative environment which promotes independent thinking and introspection and leads the young students to become more aware of the consequence of their own actions. The campus also offers amenities like Staff Clubs, Hospital, Shopping Centre, Banks, Post Office, Telecom Centre, Community Centre, Stadium, Playing Fields, etc. There are eleven boys’ hostels and two girls’ hostels.

You must have heard from seniors that IIT rooms are like prison holes and all that. Well, to be honest, your rooms are not going to be very comfortable. Unless you are lucky enough to have been allotted Udaigiri or Girnar hostel, you have to deal with cobwebs and ‘microscopic’ room size. The mess food is almost completely edible. But these things won’t matter much once you get along and believe me in a matter of months, you would start loving your room. Also remember that the best way to enjoy your hostel life is to take part in as many activities as you can with your friends.

Places to hang out

In Campus

  • Cafeteria: Cafeteria is right in front of the MS. The food here is cheap and makes for a good quick meal. It’s a nice place for having on hot samosas.
  • Café Coffee Day: CCD is adjacent to the iconic Wind T (it’s an area under the MS architecturally designed to facilitate air flow through it). Wind T is the hub of activities, always abuzz with club groups, friend circles and couples. Also the CCD at Wind T has a nice ambience.
  • Night Messes: Majority of IIT-Dians are nocturnal creatures. And night messes at various hostels are there to cater to the students till 3 or maybe 4 in the morning. While Jwalamukhi is famed for nice Chinese, Satpura offers authentic roti-sabzi and Udaigiri boasts of the best Maggi at IIT.
  • Students’ Activity Centre(SAC): As the name suggests, SAC is the centre for a plethora of activities like indoor sports and gym as well as BRCA events. A new swimming pool is being constructed at SAC.

Outside Campus:

  • SDA Market: Just opposite the Main Gate, SDA is the favorite hangout place for IIT – Dians. Good cafes and snacks outlets surely help to serve the taste buds.
  • Ber Sarai: Ber Sarai is the nearest place to go for buying books for both IIT and JNU students. Its chaat and momo stalls are very popular.
  • Hauz Khas Village: Hauz Khas Village has a beautiful lake and historical architecture. HKV boasts of the some of the finest cafes and clubs of Delhi. Perhaps the best place for a romantic date.
  • Connought Place: It’s a favorite destination for foodies and shopaholics all over Delhi.
  • PVR Priya: Munch on a McDonald’s burger and watch a nice movie at this Saket theatre.