Top rifles used by the Indian Armed Forces?

Rifle is the first and last friend of a soldier

  • A weapon plays a crucial role in a soldier’s life. Weapons have changed their face from the era of ancient history to the current modernized and remotely operated weapons and a powerful weapon adds more muscles to a soldier. Indian Armed Forces are using many weapons, from big and long range to small and short range for a face to face fight.
  • First of all, let’s clear the meaning of assault rifles. Assault rifles are the rifles, which hand held and easy to carry and are selective fire modes. Selective firearms are those in which the operator has options of firing as per situation. Like safe mode (where no firing can be done), Semi-automatic mode (where the gun automatically prepares itself for next fire or we can call it as self-loading) and automatic (when a single trigger can fire continuously). The mode is up to the soldier who decides its use as per the circumstances.
  • Now here we will be discussing the assault rifles used by Indian Armed Forces. Indian Armed Forces consist of three major parts: Army, Navy and Air Force. As most of the part of the ground and face to face fight is done by the Indian army, most of the assault rifles are used by them as compared to the navy and Air Force.


  • INSAS (an abbreviation of Indian Small Arms System) is a family of infantry arms consisting of an assault rifle and a light machine gun (LMG). This is the mostly used assault rifle in Indian Armed Forces and was originated in India.
  • It also has a light machine gun variant. It has its basic design similar to AKM but has some points of difference too.
  • This rifle is being used by Nepal, Bhutan and Oman military. But some issues of jamming, cracking ofthe magazine and semi-automatic mode were scars on it. But its variants have eradicated these drawbacks.

Multi calibre individual weapon system (MCIWS) –

  • It is also an indigenously developed rifle by India which is expected to replace the mostly used INSAS assault rifle. It has got some special feature that deserves appreciation and its induction into the army will improve the fighting skills of soldiers.


  • This Assault rifle is used in Indian Armed Forces, which has a basic design as that of AK-47 rifles. AKM is a modernized form of famous AK-47. It has a firing rate of 600 rounds per minute and comes with semi-automatic and fully automatic modes. Named as AvtomatKalashnikova, AK series is automatic rifles that were found a hit among soldiers after its invention.


  • Apart from AKM, Indian Armed Forces uses AK 103 from AK family. AK 103 is also a variant of AK 47 additionally having side folding stock. It is also used by special forces of Indian Navy i.e. MARCOS.

T91 assault rifle –

  • It is a Taiwan made rifle and is used by Special Forces of Indian Army and Garud of Indian air force. The rifle has got firing speed of about 800 rounds per minute. This rifle is based on T86 assault rifle with features of M16 and AR-18 rifles. It has 4 firing modes i.e. safe mode, semi-automatic mode (1 bust), 3 burst mode and fully automatic mode.

M4 Carbine –

  • This US made rifle is in the list of rifles used by Special Forces of Indian Armed Forces. This rifle is a developed version of the M16A2 rifle having short length and light weight. And is used by US forces as a replacement of M16. It also supports mounting of the M203 grenade launcher. It is also appreciated for its capability to support many accessories.

IMI Tavor TAR-21 –

  • This rifle is also used by Special Forces of Indian Armed Forces. This Israeli made rifle having selective firing system (semi and fully automatic modes). The rifle’s birth was aimed to build a reliable and durable rifle, which needs low maintenance. This makes it step ahead of carbine rifles.

APS amphibian rifle –

  • The APS amphibian/underwater rifle is used by MARCOS by Indian navy. This underwater assault rifle originated in the Soviet Union and has firing speed of 600 rounds per minute. The effective firing range of this rifle decreases with an increase in depth. It has different shaped bullets and has good range and accuracy as compared to ordinary bullets.

FN F2000 –

  • This is an Assault rifle by Belgium and used by a Special Protection Group of India. The rifle can fire at a swift speed of 850 rounds per minute. The gun is fully automatic with NATO box magazines and is currently used by many countries.

SG 551 –

  • It is the assault rifle made in Switzerland and exclusively used by National security guards, which has a major part of the Indian army. It is based on SG550 and has shorter length than SG 551 with firing speed of about 650 rounds per minute. The rifle is being used by France, Canada Brazil, Germany and many other nations.

PINAKA rocket system

PINAKA is multiple barrel launch rocket system developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation for the use of Indian armed forces.

System is named after Shiva’s bow, Pinaka.

PINAKA firing

Launcher is mounted on BEML(Bharat Earth Movers Ltd company) Tatra truck for mobility.A single launcher contains 12 barrels.Rockets used are HE (High Explosive) rockets which can travel at a speed of mach 4. All 12 missiles can be fired in a 44 second salvo. Missile system works in unison with Swathi weapon locating radar. UAVs and drones can be used for locating targets. Pinaka was extensively used by Indian Army during Kargil war where it was highly effective against enemies. Effective firing range of Pinaka varies accrding to variant. For Mk1 it is 40 km and for Mk2 it is 75 km. A more sophisticated system with maximum range 120 km is also under development.

Owing to its success in Kargil war, missiles are being produced at a heavy rate of 5000 each year. PINAKA forms an integral part of India’s artillery. It is intended to replace BM 21 Grad MBLRS which have been in service with Indian artillery for long time.

BM21 Grad firing

Till 2022 India plans to operate 10 regiments of Pinaka and in next 10 years ,number will go upto 22 regiments.

Weapon KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector) India’s Secret weapon

  • KALI 5000 is India’s self defence weapon which is under development. It can stop missiles, air crafts, enemy satellites anything with an electric circuit inside it.
  • It is designed to work in such a way that if a missile is launched in India’s direction,then it will quickly emit powerful pulses of Relativistic Electrons Beams (REB) which will fry and destroys enemy’s electric circuit and the computer chip.

Project & Design of weapon kali

  • The idea for KALI, or this technology was first raised in the year 1985 by Dr. Chidambaram, and work began on the Project in the year 1989.
  • The KALI has been developed by the Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC).It had been initially developed for industrial applications, although defense applications became clearer later.

Development of KALI

  • The first Accelerator had a power of ~ 0.4 gigawatts, which increased as later version was developed, which are the KALI 80, KALI 200. KALI 1000, KALI 5000 and KALI 10000.
  • The KALI is was expected to be ready by 2004, but later it had passed through many tests and many other versions than KALI 5000 are produced and tested.

Specifications of KALI

  • The KALI-5000 is a pulsed accelerator of 1 MeV electron energy, 50-100 ns pulse time, 40kA Current and 40 GW Power level.
  • The system is quite bulky as well, with the KALI-5000 weighing 10 tons, and the KALI-10000, weighing 26 tons. They are also very power hungry, and require a cooling tank of 12,000 liters of oil.
  • Recharging time is also too long to make it a viable weapon in its present form.

How KALI Works

  • The KALI emits powerful pulses of electrons Relativistic Electron Beams (REB). These electron pulses are about 100 ns with an energy of about 1 MeV.
  • These electrons are converted into Electromagnetic Radiation, which can be adjusted to x-ray (as Flash X-Rays) or microwave (High Power Microwave) frequencies with this microwaves KALI will be used as High Power Microwave gun.

Main Features or Uses of KALI

  • KALI a High Power Microwave gun produces a high amount of microwaves. When these burst of 1000 million gigawatts microwaves aimed at any enemy missile or aircraft it destroys there electronics circuit and computers chip of missile or aircraft, these completely paralyzes computer system and bring them down.
  • These electrostatic shields will be used to protect the electronic circuit against Electromagnetic Impulses (EMI) generated by nuclear weapons and other cosmic disturbances.
  • This electrostatic shield will use for protecting LCA Tejas. The satellite also will be using this electrostatic shields. application of KALI in defence field will take some time.
  • The system is still under development, and efforts are being made to make it more compact, as well as improve its recharge time, which, at the present, makes it only a single use system.


  • India is believed to have already conducted a successful test. There had been unconfirmed reports blaming India for the Siachen glacier avalanche in 2012 which has caused the death of around 135 Pakistani soldiers which the sources claim as a result of KALI’s successful test melting the hard ice sheets.
  • There have been reports of placing the weaponized KALI in an IL-76 aircraft as an airborne defense system.
  • Government of India has denied to give any information on this project due to its sensitiveness for national security.

India’s Weapons

•BrahMos missile

Best cruise missile in the world.

• Akash missile

Indegenously developed air defence missiles.

• Agni 5

The most aaccurate ICBM in the world with less than 10m CEP.

• K 15 and K 4

Provides second strike capability to India.

• Prithvi air defence

Ballistic missile defence system.

• Pinaka mblrs

Rocket system which proved its metal in Kargil war.

• Sukhoi su30 mki

Backbone of Indian airforce .

• Dassault Rafael

The latest addition .

• Mig 29k

Fangs of INS Vikramaditya .


Airbourne warning and control system developed by DRDO.

• Chinook

One of the largest cargo helicopters in the world.

• Apache

Attack helicopter.


Indegenously developed attack helicopter.Highly effective at high altitudes.

• HAL Rudra

Weaponized Dhruva.

• Dhruva

Primary utility helicopter of Indian military.

• T90

A Russian tank but we have more than Russia


• Arjun mk2

Indegenously developed Main battle Tank.

 BMP 2

Armoured personnel carrier.

 Dhanush artillery gun

Desi Bofors.

 Bofors Haubits fh77

Despite huge controversy, proved its effectiveness in Kargil war.


Light weight artillery gun .

 Kolkata class destroyers

Stealth guided missile destroyer.

 Vishakhapattanam class destroyers

Largest destroyers built by India.

 INS Vikramaditya

Flag ship of Indian Navy.

 INS Vikrant

Indias first home built aircraft carrier.

 INS Arihant

Completed Indias nuclear triad.

• Kalvari class

Diesel powered attack submarine

• Kamov ka 31

Submarine hunter