India VS China

Can India defeat China in a full-fledged war as of 2020

This is Chinese Chengdu J-20, a Fifth Generation Aircraft. And China has 50 of them, while India did not have any. This is Chinese Nuclear powered Ballistic Missile Submarine which can carry SLBM ( Submarine Launch Ballistic Missile ). China has 3 of them, while India has none. Chinese influence in the Indian Ocean and Indian subcontinent is …

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Indian Army against China in 2020

P1. Defense Budget A. India: US$ 70 billion in Feb. 2020 B. China: US$177.61 billion in June 2019 2. Total manpowerIndia : 61.6 millionChina : 75 million 3. Total Active ArmyIndia: 13.25 lacsChina: 23.35 lacs 4.Aircraft (all types)India: 2663China: 3749 5.HelicopterIndia: 646China: 802 6.Attack HelicopterIndia: 19China: 200 7.Airports (serviceable)India: 346China: 507 8.Total TanksIndia: 6464China: 9150 9.Towed ArtilleryIndia: 7414China: 6246 10.SubmarinesIndia: 14China: 68 11.Ballistic MissilesIndia: 5000China: 13000 12. Destroyer ShipsIndia: 10China: 32 13. FrigatesIndia: 14China: 48 14.Mine Warfare craft India: 6China: 4

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