Drone Terrorism 

In the 1st drone strike at an Indian military base and two blasts at Jammu Airport on 27-06-2021

THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS DEVELOPMENT IN THE TRAJECTORY OF TERRORISM IN INDIA. IT IS A BEGINNING OF A NEW PHASE OF TERRORISM. The two bomb blasts occurred in the Jammu Air Force base in the early hours of Sunday (Today, 27 June, 2021). The explosives were dropped by drones. This is for the first time that drones were used in explosive attack. Though the explosives of low intensity and did not cause much damage in the air force base. BUT WELL IT MAY BE A PILOT PROJECT OR TEST…

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Bharat Drone

“Bharat Drone” is a light surveillance quadcopter made by Chandigarh based Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL) which is a lab owned by DRDO. Images are for representation purposes only. Now this is not a usual quadcopter. What makes this advanced & special is that it has got the right blend of technologies that makes it so capable of day/night operations even in extreme cold climate. The drones are highly agile & that comes from a lightweight composite & plastic unibody airframe. Not only this makes the drone maneuverable but also increases the endurance.…

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