DRDO’s Anti-drone system

DRDO’s Anti-drone system

First of a kind security deployment, Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) developed anti-drone system which was deployed to guard the Red Fort during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech in the national capital.

What it can do?

  • This indigenously-developed system is capable of detecting and jamming micro drones up to 3 kilometers away and it uses laser to bring down a target upto 1 to 2.5 kilometers depending on wattage of laser weapon.
  • The counter drone system has capabilities to both detect and destroy drones in air.
  • DRDO system can detect and identify drone threats at a moment’s instance and terminate them by damaging electronics of drones through laser-based Directed Energy Weapon.


  • It carried two main systems to take out potential targets: a Jammer capable of breaking a drone’s command and control link to make it unresponsive and a Direct Energy Weapon that could fire an invisible beam of laser to fry its electronics mid-air.
  • The range of laser depends on the wattage of DEW being used, however the power of the system deployed at Red Fort is not disclosed yet.


  • This laser-equipped anti-drone system could be used to counter rogue UAV activity in northern and western parts of India.
  • Notably, laser weapons are seen as the latest advancement in military tech, something that could neutralize an increasing number of potential threats, including UAVs, armed boats, and adversary intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems.
  • The DRDO counter drone system was first deployed to provide security cover to the Republic Day Parade this year which was attended by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Prime Minister Narendra Modi,
  • The system was also deployed in Ahmedabad for the Modi-Trump roadshow where they were tasked to thwart any aerial threat from drones.