Fighter jets

C-17 Globemaster III cargo jet

India currently has 11 American C-17 Globemaster III cargo jets and 11 C-130J30 Hercules turboprops. They join India’s fleet of approximately 14 Russian IL-76 Candid cargo jets and 100+ Russian/Ukrainian AN-32 Cline turboprops. Finally, HAL license built 89 British HS-748 turboprops, and some 57 still serve in the IAF, rounding out India’s transport fleets. So …

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Mirage 2000

India’s mirage 2000 is one of the fastest supersonic fighter jets in the world. It is a deep strike fighter aircraft used to break the enemies defense and carry out missions like dropping bombs of precision guided or missiles. It can act so spontaneous in order to avoid retaliation in very fast . Besides it …

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Fighter jets does India currently have

Currently IAF holds 29 active squadrons 15 squadron su30mki(275) 3 squadron MiG-21 bison(54) 3 squadron mig-29 upg(66) 2 squadron Mirage 2000(45) 6 squadron sepecat Jaguar(118) Su30mki Mirage 200 MiG-21 bison Sepecat Jaguar Mig29 17 tejas and 5(2 trainer 3single seater) Rafales are also delivered

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