Government Jobs 

ONGC – Organizational Structure – Types of Jobs

Organizational Structure of ONGC Basin – Any area where ONGC is trying to find/ explore oil, can be on-land called Onshore or beneath a sea called Offshore. ONGC’s primary aim is to produce crude oil and natural gas and all of it is found inside rocks beneath the earth’s surface, i.e., in the crust. Asset – Any area where ONGC has found oil and is currently producing it to surface through wells. Basin, when it starts generating revenue or is monetized, becomes an Asset. Plant – Installations, similar to a refinery,…

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Jobs after graduation (B. Tech)

Looking for a job opportunity after B. Tech is a good option. Based on your branch, you can enter into a company suitable for you. Students should be very cautious if they are interested to do a job, as the competition is high. It is better to get job in a company through campus placements, as it is difficult to get job once you are out of the college. Irrespective of the branch, software industry offers jobs the students based on their communication and aptitude skills in campus placements.Government Jobs:Apart…

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