Salary delay for the months of April and May 2020

Dear All,

Today the PITSA GB meeting was held at wptc, Puducherry on 01-06-2020 as planned.along with pitsa the non teaching staff association members also participated.The President, PITSA welcomed the gathering.Dr.Ramkumar president ,JAC also graced the meeting .he briefed the members about the activities and efforts taken by JAC members along with PITSA for our Salary and 7th pay implementation.and the PITSA, Puducherry resolved the following 3 points
1. To insist  on timely payment of our salary as and when the government employees are getting paid.
2.JAC is planning to approach Legal options in converting all society run colleges into purely governmental colleges
3.To give representation to pipmate to consider CAS for all cadres and to clear anomalies of 6th pay.
Efforts are being taken to get our salary. As far as April month salary, we will be getting in two three days. Regarding May month the association is taking lot of steps including sending our greviences to president of India and Human rights
Following our consecutive meeting with our CM on 18.5.2020 and 27.5.2020, his honourable self had approved 100% pay for all our society colleges setting aside the arbitrary decision of 50% pay cut by the FS.

Following the same after having been cleared by ways and means due to fund deficit in our govt receipt, it has been again sent for LG’s approval. But it is only for april, when the govt employees have received their may salary even.

In this backdrop, we met our CS this evening and he assured to pay us 100% salary as we and the govt college teachers carry out same work. However he said the current delay in our salary is to continue for a few months due to fund crunch.

But friends, if the same anomaly continues, we must be prepared to resolve it legally. When the govt could borrow 180 crores for May salary of Govt employees, why not 20 more crores for our salary.
We must through our acts and deeds make our govt realise that we belong to dignified profession on par with any other govt servant. –   Dr. Ramkumar Convenor, JAC

On 06-05-2020 L.G approved our April Month Salary