one year old

I was born on Twenty November Nineteen hundred seventy seven at Yanam Nursing home (Dr. Varma). My parents were Father: Viswanadhapalli Soma Raju Mother: Viswanadhapalli Adamma  ( Her house hold name is koppada).

At the time of my birth, my father has no job. After my sister Viswanadhapalli Suryavathi’s ( 2 years younger than me ) birth, my father got watchman job at Public woks Department, Yanam, later he was promoted to Peon – L.D.C – U.D.C and got retired. My father used to write rama koti ( sri rama, sri rama) . At the time of my birth, my mother working as a Primary teacher at girls primary school, near Central boys school. Later she was promoted to Telugu language teacher and also was in-charge head-mistress at S.K.S.P.V.R.N.High School, Kankalapeta and later retired.

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Photo was taken, when I was 5 years old, Left from Right My aunty ( Mother’s second sister, Mother with my sister, Father with my brother, Grand mother ( Mother’s mother) hold me in my arms

As my parents both were working and no one there to take care , my date of birth was changed from 20-11-2020 to 29-08-1977 to join me in a school.

Primary Education ( 1982-87)

I did my education from 1st class to 5th class at Central Boys School, Yanam. When I was studying 3rd class Teacher Acharya gave me a progress card ( class 2nd rank). While I was walking to home with joy, somehow progress card lost out of my hand and fell into the nearby drainage. I left it there it self and start walking, my friends informed my grand-father ( Koppada Sathi Raju) disciple Koppada Drurga Rao ( learned tailoring from my grand father) about the incident. He carefully took my progress card and dried it and gave it to me back.

After schooling, daily I used to go to tuition at Pesala Tatabbayi house. I have written Navodaya vidyalaya entrance at the end of 5th class.

High School Education ( 1987-92)

Initially, I joined 6th class in Mahatma Gandhi High School, Yanam. After two months, I came to know that I was selected for Navodaya vidyala, Yanam while I was in the tuition centre of Pesala Tatabbai sir’s house.

Glimpse of Navodaya Vidyala, Yanam

Year 2020

Maturity function of my daughter Viswanadhapalli Hasini was conducted on 21-01-2020.

Year 2021

From the month of October 2020 onwards, I was given the in-charge principal duties by our Principal Dr.N.Sozhan citing health and family issues and used to give directions from Puducherry.

Issuing of epic card to new voter on Voter’s day 25-01-2021

Republic Day (26-01-2021)

On the occasion of , I hoisted flag at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Polytechnic, College Yanam

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On 27-01-2021, Google AdSense activated and google ads are displaying on my blog

Central valuation was conducted for two days 01-02-2021 and 02-02-2021 for Board Exams December 2020 ( arrears of all schemes) in the principal chamber. I corrected nearly 140 answer scripts with 10 pages each with lot of pain.

On 03-02-2021

Our college staff namely Syam babu, Chandra kala and Bharathi have provided lunch in celebration of their married life.

Our college principal Dr.N.Sozhan has handed over the accounts of college by passing senior staffs, so that, he can relieve himself at Puducherry itself and no need to come to Yanam.

Again my principal sir Dr.N.Sozhan has given a authorization to act as a drawing and disbursing officer in his presence from 08-02-2021 to 13-02-2021.

On 12-02-2021, I got a letter from Yanam Election Deparatment signed by Deputy Tahsildar stating that I have to download digital E-epic cards of First time voters of Yanam region in the capacity of Sveep Nodal Officer. In response, I decided and gave a letter in writing to Deputy Tahsildar and requested him to relieve me from additional duty of Sveep Nodal officer on Medical grounds. He accepted and asked me to suggest one faculty name and I suggested my colleague name Naga Azmera, Lecturer/Electronics (wanted to do this duties) to Vamsi, Election Clerk. Previously I worked as a Sveep Nodal officer for Loksabha Elections 2019, where I got the remuneration of Rs.40,000/-. Now they increased to Rs.80,000/-. But I decided not to do this.

On 14-02-2021 ( Valentine’s Day) I tried and cooked Ladies finger masala curry ( using information from my website ) along with my son as my wife is unwell. To my surprise, it was success and everyone was happy.

My mother gave 20 small iron stands (approx. Rs.10,000) for terrance gardening and transportation chages (Rs.250) for which they have not claimed any money from me.

On 16-02-2021, My brother’s wife satyaveni got selected for Guest Trained Graduate Teacher ( For Telugu language )

On 19-02-2021, I paid Rupees Fifty thousand towards NPS to get income tax concession. My pran number generated. I came to know that Chemistry Lecturer Swamy for S.R.K. Degree Arts college, Yanam was appointed as Sveep.

On 23-02-2021, finally my account got credited salary loan of Rupees Nine lakhs fifty thousand only towards my children educational expenses with EMI of Rupees Nineteen thousand eight hundred for five years. I have applied for this loan in the month of January 2021. Processing fee of Rupees eleven thousand two hundred and ten was deducted. In addition to this, Aditya Birla life insurance with annual premium of Rupees Thirty thousand only was added to this account.

As on 27-02-2021, cooking oil increased to Rs. 150 and 1 Lr petrol cost Rs.100. I received my pran id through post on 27-02-2021. When I clicked ads my self in my site at my college office desktop, to my surprise, my adesense revenue shot up to 2$ on that particular day of 28-02-2021. Till that my revenue was only 0.01$.

Again my principal sir Dr.N.Sozhan has given a authorization to act as a in-charge principal (routine duties) in his presence from 01-03-2021 to 05-03-2021 after refusal from ECE HOD Dr.Thanigachalam to take this charge.

On 02-03-2021 morning at 9.30, again I tried clicking ads in my site using college academic desktop with knowing the consequence. By 11.30 A.M, my google AdSense advertisements suddenly stopped. After checking my AdSense account, one notification came saying that due to invalid clicks ads were removed from your site. In the evening, I received an e-mail from Google AdSense team to upload one of my documents to finalize my payments of 8$. I uploaded my voter id.

On 03-03-2021, Google AdSense team sent me a mail stating that, your account suspended for illegal multiple clicks up to 01-04-2021 and also given warning that, if you repeat the same, your account will be permanently disabled. When I searched for yesterday’s statistics, 180 views from U.S means that, the Google AdSense team reviewed my site. Very disappointed. In our college, 7th pay arrears for teaching staff are sent to pipmate for financial implications.