Bigg Boss Telugu 5 – 6th week nominated contestants

Check out online voting results of 6th week, nominated contestants, voting missed call numbers igg Boss Telugu 5: At least 10 contestants were nominated in the sixth week of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. Check the online voting results of the sixth week, voting missed call numbers and other details. Apopular show among the audience, Bigg Boss Telugu 5, started in September this year. The participants of the reality show are now locked in a tussle after Hamida was voted out in the fifth week. With the blame and warning game…

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Life is for some purpose – not for famous

When Valmiki completed his Ramayana, Narada wasn’t impressed. ‘It is good, but Hanuman’s is better’, he said. ‘Hanuman has written the Ramayana too!’, Valmiki didn’t like this at all, and wondered whose Ramayana was better. So he set out to find Hanuman. In Kadali-vana, grove of plantains, he found Ramayana inscribed on seven broad leaves of a banana tree. He read it and found it to be perfect. The most exquisite choice of grammar and vocabulary, metre and melody. He couldn’t help himself. He started to cry. ‘Is it so…

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Manoj Bajpai

Manoj Bajpai was born on 23 April 1969 (52 years old) in Belwa village, Bihar. Born in a Brahmin family, Manoj has five more siblings. They are married, they had 2 marriages in which the first marriage was not successful due to some reason, after Manoj married a Muslim woman (Shabana Raza) whose second name is also Neha. Both have a very lovely daughter named Ava Nayla. Manoj Bajpai is not needed in any introduction today, even after reaching the pinnacle of success, he likes to be simple, he does not consider himself a big man. early life…

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ISRO’s EOS-03 satellite launch on GSLV-F10 rocket fails 350 seconds after launch due to performance anomaly

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)’s highly-anticipated launch of Earth observation satellite -3 or GISAT-1 failed after the rocket entered the lower reaches of space (an altitude of 139kms), after a flight of nearly 340 seconds (5mins 40 seconds). The first two stages of the rocket (that give initial thrust for lift-off and later carry the 52-meter tall vehicle to space) performed as expected. However, shortly after the rocket switched over to its final stage – the Cryogenic engine (that burns liquid hydrogen and oxygen), there was a marked deviation…

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Neeraj Chopra – First Indian to win Gold Medal in Athletics at Olympics

At Tokyo 2020 Olympics, India’s Neeraj Chopra becomes the first Indian to win a gold medal for a javelin throw of 87.58 meters in his 2nd attempt of 6 attempts in the final round. Neeraj Chopra got a lift from German Johannes Vetter a few weeks ago on the way to the airport in Finland. “My English is not strong but we spoke for some time about our country, our background and about our early years,” said Neeraj, recalling the drive with the German, the world’s best javelin thrower this…

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Unit – I – ALGEBRA

Matrix and its applications are very important part of Mathematics. Also it is one of the most powerful tools of Mathematics. Matrix notation and operation are used in electronic spread sheet programmes for personal computer, business budgeting, sales projection, cost estimation, analyzing the results of an experiment etc. Also many physical operations such as magnification, rotation and reflection through a plane can be represented mathematically by matrices. Also matrix used in Cryptography. A matrix is a rectangular array of numbers arranged in rows and columns enclosed by brackets. If there…

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ACADEMICS జంతువులు పిల్లలకోసం ప్రత్యేకం 

India – The most dangerous snakes live in this world

The 7th largest country has a population of 1.3 billion! Unfortunately for the Indian people, some of the world’s deadliest snakes also call India home. The Naja Caspian Cobra – The world’s most venomous Cobra is found in the Kashmir region in Northern India Spectacled Cobra – Planet Earth’s deadliest Cobra! Responsible for over twenty thousand snakebite fatalities each year! This makes the iconic snake a member of India’s Big Four! Monocled Cobra – The third most feared Cobra in India is a spitter! This infamous snake has been known to bite and kill…

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మనిషి ముఖ్యం…..స్టేటస్ కాదు

మా ఆవిడ సినిమాకి వెళదామంటే.. సరే అని వెళ్ళాం.టికెట్స్ తీసుకొని లోపలికి వెళుతుంటే.. ఎంట్రన్స్ డోర్ దగ్గర టికెట్స్ చింపుతూ ఉన్న గోపి గాడు నన్ను గుర్తు పట్టాడు. పలకరించుకున్నాక, మా ఆవిడకి పరిచయం చేశాను. ఇంటర్లో క్లాస్ మేట్ అని..! అయినా మీరు మటుకు చేసేది ఏమైనా పెద్ద కలక్టర్ ఉద్యోగమా ఏంటి….ఇప్పటి వరకు స్కూటర్ దాటి మరేం కొనలేదు” అంటూ భార్య దెప్పింది. సినిమా అయిపోయింది…… అతను పై ఫ్లోర్ లోని ఒక రూమ్ లోకి తీసుకెళ్లాడు. స్నేహితుడు ముఖ్యం. అతడి స్టేటస్ కాదు..ముఖ్యంగా చిన్ననాటి మిత్రులను ఎప్పుడూ చిన్నచూపు చూడకూడదు…” అంది ఒకింత కోపంగా…!!“ఎదుటివారిని చూడంగానే ఒక అంచనా వేయకండి.” మనిషి చూడానికి ఎలా వున్నా…. మీ కన్నా గొప్పవాడు కావచ్చేమో కదా….!!

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Karl Rock (New Zealand) – You tube travel blogger

YouTube travel blogger Karl Rock’s videos about India, Pakistan, who is originally from New Zealand came to India in 2014 married Indian girl and wanted to settle in India after obtaining Indian citizenship. He learned few Hindi words. But in the mean time on his tourist visa, He went to Indian Kashmir and also he went to Pakistan visited places like Occupied Kashmir, Balakot, where Indian Airforce conducted surgical strikes wearing muslim turban and uploaded his trip videos. In those videos someone from pakistan talked about tea fantastic which did…

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