Message by Principal In-charge Chandrasekaran , CE HOD (Principal In-charge P. Velayutham leave) on previous day

All Teaching, Non teaching, Ministerial staff are welcomed to grace the camp and make our NSS officer a grand success for the entire camp. Your cooperation, coordination, involvement and dedications in this will be highly appreciated. Thanks to Mr. P. Velayudham, Principal, Mr A. Jayaveeran, Lecturer/ NSS Officer for the grand arrangements, proper schedule to make the community and student community to get it benefitted.

Message by Principal Velayutham Sir from Puducherry

My heartfelt thanks to ACS Sir Principal i/c , All the HOD s ,NSS officer and all my dear staff members.
All of you please cooperate and coordinate for the successful conduct of our NSS special camp.

Message by NSS PO Jayaveeran

Dr. B.R Ambedkar Polytechnic College, Yanam Today, 31.03.2023, Friday, The NSS Unit of Dr. B.R Ambedkar Polytechnic College organized a 7 days “NSS Special Camp-2023” program . The Principal incharge Mr.A.Chadirasegaran presided over the function .The Chief Guest of the program Shri.R.Mounissamy, Regional Administrator of Yanam, Puducherry inaugurated the camp. He addressed the volunteers about what is the real meaning of service; how it is very close with the society; the service is something which is inherited from ones inner thoughts and actions in day to day life. He blessed the student volunteers in taking up such services in this young age. He also started the sapling plantation. Mr.V.V.L.P Raju HOD/First Year, welcomed the gathering, Mr.S.V.V. Sathyanarayana, Office Superintend greeted the NSS Volunteers. Mr.P.Velayutham Principal,Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Polytechnic college and Mr.A. Jayaveeran, NSS PO made all the arrangements of the program

Mine was Welcome Speech:

Good Morning to All. Today we all assembled here to inaugurate the one week NSS special camp. It’s my pleasure to welcome you all on behalf of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Polytechnic College. Now I specially welcome chief guest Thiru. MuniSSwamy Sir, Regional Administrator, Yanam, welcome Sir. I Welcome Chandrasekaran Sir, our college principal welcome sir, our office superintendent babu sir, welcome sir, I welcome Naga Azmeera, ECE Lecturer, welcome sir. Last but not least, I welcome star of this function A. Jayaveeran Sir, NSS Programme Officer and my dear colleagues and my dear students. What is NSS. NSS stands for National Service Scheme. It reminds us our responsibility towards the society and it evolves better persons. As everyone knows Service to Man is Service to God. So I request you all participate in this one week programme and Make this program successful.

The other speakers including RA stressed that volunteers need to educate themselves and then train others like explaining the methodology of digital payments etc and even create awareness of shortage of drinking water in the coming summer.

When RA stressing the point of NSS Moto “Not me But you”. He called it as absurd, but I wanted to explain to RA (Luckily I didn’t do, but instead I shared my point to Chandrasekaran sir) which later objected by NSS PO saying that he got complaint from JTP after sharing Ra video.

I could not able to explain these points, as I was given welcome address. NSS PO gave vote of thanks.

Message by Principal Velayutham Sir

Congratulations to NSS Program officer Mr.A.Jayaveeran sir and all my dear students NSS volunteers. Please convey my message to our students that
“Make use of this special camp and improve your personality “.
I request all our staff members to provide support for the conduct of this special camp. It is our camp to show our Polytechnic doing fine in not only in academic but also in cocurricular activities.
My sincere to ACS Sir and all the Dept HODs , our superintendent, our teaching and no teaching staff members office staff members and all my students.
All are join the hands for the better ment of our college “Dr BRAPTC “

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