Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Polytechnic College, Yanam Admission 2023-2024

Principal Velayutham Sir has called me into his chamber and asked me to be in-charge of this Admission Team.

Whatsapp group ( BRAPTCY ADMISSIONS 2023-24) was created to make maximum admissions into this polytechnic College for 2023-24. I was the Admin and added Principal and HOD Chandrasekhar in to this group. No other regular faculty was added into this group for time being except Katta Anand.

Message by Principal Velayutham Sir,

Today I have spoken with Deligate (school) Yanam and asked his permission. He replied with positive note and agreed for our visit from 20 th March onwards. Mr.Raju sir taken Initiative of preparing the schedule. Please follow up for the successful completion of our counseling .Any other suggestions regarding this process can also share on this flatform.

Message by me as on 20-03-2023

The faculties who started campaigning from today onwards are requested to furnish the details of 10th class students names with address and contact numbers in the given registers , distribute pamphlets at the respective schools and take two photos (to be posted in this group). (In group I mistakenly posted facilities instead of faculties as it was noticed by chemistry madam).

First Day’s (20-03-2023) Campaign

At Farampeta High School, Guireampeta and Dariyalathippa High School

Message By Me:

Superb and commendable efforts from Faculties Tmt. Radha Kumari, Tmt. K.H.L. Radha Kumari, Tmt. Sridevi, Tmt. P.Devi, Tmt. Chandrakala and Selvi. Bhavisya for successfully completing todays campaigning work.👏👏

Message by Principal

Very good and happy to inform you all my sincere thanks and appreciated for your efforts 👏👏🙏🏾

Message by CE HOD Chandrasekhar

Good efforts…..
/”Flow like Water and you will find your way through ANY ROCK/👌👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

Second Day’s (21-03-2023) Campaign

Message By Me:

Excellent and Good work by our faculty members Thiru. Gnani Ch., Thiru. Manikanta, Tmt. Ameeerunnisa Begum and Tmt. Shanthi for successfully completing 2nd day’s campaigning work at S.K.S.PV.R.N, Govt High School, Kanakalapeta and Rajiv Gandhi English Medium Govt. High School respectively inspite of heavy rain. 👏👏

Message by CE HOD Chandrasekhar:

Good works. Thanks to all staff for strengthening the students intake👌👍🙏

Message by Principal:

Congratulations and thanks to our staff members who are in admission duty.My sincere thanks to Raju sir who is leading the team. 👏👏👏

On 02-05-2023 new banner was prepared with 12×8 size.

Admission Helpdesk was opened and issuing of applications started from 04-05-2023, even though AP 10th results are going to be released on 15-05-2023.

Advertisement for Civil Enginneering (Prepared by Manikanta) placed backside of helpdesk

Door-to-Door campaigning started from 09-05-2023, inspite of some female etc staff particularly( Begum), refusal to work, citing heat wave, after lot of heated arguments, even faced humiliation personally from principal decided to 1 and half hour campaigning in the evening from 4.00 p.m to 5.30 p.m

Auto Campagining(Owner Jaffer) was given contract for 3 days @ Rs.3000 per day (Actually he asked for Rs.3,200) and Rs100 per day to our staff (rambabu, sekar and Anand Arji).

Jaffer (Male voice)
Radha Kumari, computer Dept Lecturer (STC staff)

Principal message:

Today we have started Auto rickshaw campaign for admission.Congratulations to our staff members who are arranging this campaign.

On 12-05-2023, Auto canvassing campagin started with rambabu in Rural hamlets from Kurasampeta to Savithri Nagar.

Third and final day’s 14-05-2023 (campaign) at kapulapalem, Injaram, Kolanka and Pallipalem

On 14-05-2023 (Sunday), 500 college admission phamplets were distributed through Newspapers with the help of Puvvala Satyanarayana and Sagar

Principal Message:

I came to know that we will good admission in this year as there will a move to introduce CBSC pattern in Hsc. Students may find difficult to go for Hsc instead they may prefer to study in Diploma and also our Sagar 👏👏👏

From 16-05-2023 onwards, Door to Door Advertisement

Sir, I wanted to cancel Door to Door admission campaign work this week due to prevailing of heat wave and also many staff members are going to involve in process of conducting their respective practicals.

Admissions 2023-24 Fom A link


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