Educational Tour by Yanam Polytechnic Students from 13-03-2023 to 16-03-2023 (3days)

On 12-03-2023, Principal Velayutham Sir Hold a meeting among staff members and told that, Final year students of ECE, CE and Civil wanted to go for tour as Bus was arranged by M.L.A Gollapalli Ashok and Rs. 20000 in cash given by Former Minister Thiru. Malladi Krishna Rao and asked the staff members from each Department should accompany them. No one was given willingness (including my self). So ppl selected and asked Karunakaran from ECE, Sridevi from CE and from Civil no one was selected as no one interested to come from two outsourcing staff Manikanta and Bhavisya.

On 13-03-2023 Morning, While I was playing shuttle, Karunakaran came there and told to me that, he was not going (in a confusing state) and also when I was in college, Prasad, ECE lab instructor asked me whether I will go along with Karunakaran and even vetakarmly said to me that, he will come only if someone comes. So seeing the confusing state of Karunakaran and for the sake of college well wisher,I told that I should need a consent from wife, which she accepted readily and I put condition that students should ask me and persuade me. So I accepted and requested other lady faculties to come with us, but they refused and next I convinced English Tmt. Shanthi madam to come along with us, as Sridevi will be the only one lady faculty which she accepted after convincing attempts from Karunakaran, superintendent Babu. I was given incharge for civil students. After that Thiru. Chandrasekhar, CE HOD also agreed to accompany the tour. Anand Arji also came for one day stay along with us. So We started our journey at 11.00 p.m

Message by Principal Thiru. Velayutham Sir

Today Our Third year students proceeding Industrial visit and Educational Tour to Visagapattinam.
Congratulations and We all pray for their happy and successful Tour.I request all our staff members attend and say Good by today evening.

Our tour initial schedule

Students brought 4 water tins and civil lecturer manikanta sponsored snacks.

During Night journey up to 12.30 p.m, students (including girls)danced and were controlled by Karunakaran and ce hod. I was seated front along with Anand arji. Girl students were also seated front along with lady faculties English and Sridevi. Karunakaran and ce hod seated between boys and girls.

On 14-03-2023 reached Visakhapatnam railway station (8th platform) by 4.30 a.m. There we got refreshed taking bath at refresher room besides cloak rook at 8th platform itself by paying Rs30 individually. At 5.45 a.m. we had a breakfast near to the railway station, which Karunakaran sponsored to every one. At 6.45a.m, we had a kirandole passenger express, which we booked all 43 seats including staff and students at college by Manikanta and Siva Ganesh. The journey had almost 30 caves.

Reached Borra caves at 10.30 a.m and got down there. The hotel agents already approached from inside the train to platform , particularly from Rohini hotel (initially they told meals at Rs.100 and 1kg bongulo chicken at Rs. 550), which we refused after many bargains. There we took some photos and straightaway went to caves by walk. Civil student Bhanu Prakash gave me the remaining amount Rs.14,750 from Rs.20,000 to manage the accounts. On the way we finalised another hotel opposite to Rohini for Meals @ 50 and 6kg bongulo chicken (1kg @ Rs.500) . On the way Shanthi madam offered Madugula Halwah (she brought there at Rs200 per one box) . Plenty of monkeys were there and they attacking tourists, who ever carrying bags. We went inside the caves with each entry ticket of Rs80. (No student discount given). Karunakaran sir didn’t accompanied us after seeing steep steps inside. I climbed even to see shiva linga which was upside in that cave by climbing steep steps. We came out at 1.00 p.m and went to hotel opposite to Rohini hotel and had meals (with one veg curry) and Bongulo chicken, which many of students didn’t liked it.

Again went to Borra caves railway station at 2.45 p.m for our return journey to Visakhapatnam railway station where our bus was stationed. 17 out of 43 were booked at college and others have taken general. I slept there on the steel benches for nearly 2 hours. Train came at 6.45 p.m and reached Vizag railway station at 10.45 p.m. Here I felt that Afternoon session was wasted as they should have planned another tourist spot. Usually the touring bus comes to Borra caves, but here this bus driver refused to come, saying that he doesn’t know the ghat road and also students had to pay the unnecessary parking fees of 600 for stationing the bus at railway station. Here in the bus, I told them, tomorrow’s schedule is Simhachalam Temple(Morning Session) and Zoo (in afternoon session). Some of them asked for the water world, which I refused stating that the entry fee of Rs.600 is costly and not good for girls. Then I asked the student leaders of three branches to collect Rs1400 from each student to give it to me as money Rs3,600 was left, not sufficient for two days. Initially they collected Rs1000 and gave to me. I don’t know what happened, ECE leader came to me and took back their branch amount. After enquiring with Karunakaran Sir, I return back the amount, whatever I am having to their remaining branches. Due to which I got angry . Any how we went to VSSSD christian Missionary hostel (through recommendation from Anand Arji). Here Father is Anand Arji’s brother’s friend. Accommodation for students @Rs.230 and for staff at Rs.300 (Night Dinner and stay). The three Male staff members were given separate rooms and two female members for one room( For them we three payed). On that night, we were provided dinner with chicken curry. When Anand Arji is making himself ready to return back to yanam, initially I thought of going with him. But later, I consoled myself that I should be in the tour, as principal gave me an office order for taking care of civil students.

At VSSSD Missionary Hostel as on 15-03-2023 Morning at 7.30 a.m

Here I addressed the students by saying, Heartfelt sincere thanks to our Braptc staff for their support to our Students industrial educational tour, and General contribution by our beloved Principal Thiru. Velayutham Sir (Rs 4,000). Head of Department of Computer Engineering Thiru A. Chandrasegaran Sir (RS. 2,500) , Office ThanksSuperintendent Sadanala. V. V. Satyanarayana Sir(RS. 1,000) , Thiru. Naga Azmeera (RS. 1000). Here Karunakaran Sir changed the zoo spot to water world as per majority of the students. Initially some girl students refused to come, I thought of taking them to some other spot along with English madam.

On 15-03-2023, reached Simhachalam down the hill, as bus told only Devastanam buses will go up. So we all had to get down. I collected Rs30 from each student for 2 way trip and went to ticket counter and gave Rs.600 (ticket price @Rs.15 for one way) for the students 36 and 4 staff members. Here The ECE students came and wanted to climb the hill by steps and asked for money back. After I convinced them, they agreed to come with us and we had Darshan in time as no big crowd was there. We placed phones in the counter for Rs10. We retuned back to our bus by paying the same amount. Here Medicine kit (Rs1700) brought by Karunakaran sir was missed as students forgot to take from the counter (They took only phones). Tmt. Shanti madam went to her house to meet the parents and her child.

By 12.00 noon, reached water world. Entry fee per adult is Rs.600 and for dress Rs.50. After requesting the owner, they gave discount Rs480 for entry fee and Rs25 for dress. Karunakaran sir and Chandrasekhar Sir have stayed outside. I and Sridevi went inside (I paid my own amount). After seeing students slides into the pool of water, I too tried for the first time in my life at 46 years. I don’t know, why I took this risk, but I had a heart in my mouth. 2 times I did alone. In 2nd time, After sliding, I fell into the water and had to drink that water, even though water was low. After that I did another 2 stunts with civil students in tough slides with 8 shape ballon structure. I had a lunch at 3.30 p.m along with civil students (ate chicken biriyani and one tin thumspup ) as students ate branch wise. At 5.00 p.m, rain dance started. I just went inside to have a feel of drops. When I came out after 5 minutes, my body started to chill and I was shivering. I don’t know what to do. After 10 minutes, I just went inside, where students are dancing. I just mingled with them and started to dance without knowing any steps. At 5.30 p.m. I went to swimming pool deep inside, where waves and music started, I again started dancing with students by learning some steps. This is the highlight of my tour except one hiccup, where someone from North India was caught red handed, while he taking the video of our girl students which was settled amicably.

By 8.00 p.m, reached the same hostel and this time we had an ordinary dinner with some veg curries ( initially it was told that fish curry is the planned menu and father told fish was unavailable). After paying that day’s amount and went to bed quickly. But Karunakaran sir was with students till 2.00 a.m.

On 16-03-2023, Tmt. Shanti madam joined us along with her daughter by 8.30 a.m (here also some parking issued started). We went to Kailas girl by 9.30 a.m by paying the toll gate fee of Rs300 for bus. As Karunakaran sir put me a condition that, I should stay with him whole day, I missed some places at Khailasgiri.

At 11.30 a.m, we went to Tenneti Park beach on guidance from Tmt. Shanti Madam (she told it is her favourite place), where students enjoyed a lot and took many photos (for soft copy @Rs.20) as beach was no rush and was nice with stones and along with one ship was stationed there probably it was shored away by cyclone.

At 1.00 p.m, went to Kamat Hotel for lunch (Tmt. Shanthi madam told , it was famous hotel for chicken biriyani) and asked for student discount, which they refused. As space in the ground floor (which was A/C) not sufficient for eating, we all went to rooftop . I gave advice to Karunakaran to give order only 1/2 , as plate per biriyani is costing around Rs.280 which he obeyed and ordered some extra plates after collecting Rs.1500 from three branches (he told me that he is going to pay the sponsored amount). I don’t know somewhere he got the more money than which he spent. At 2.30 p.m went to C.M.R. Mall , there I bought chappals for Rs1500 (original cost Rs.2295) along with Chandrasekhar sir chappals for Rs660 (original cost Rs.999) after the discount of Rs1000 from Rs3,000. At 4.00 p.m, went to R.K back and students were given a time for 1 hour. we had photos at Submarine and at Love Vizag .By 6.00 p.m we all returned. At annavaram, we had halted to have a tiffin and Karunakaran sir who is continuously giving updates to principal for every 5 minutes has purchased prasadams to all 35 staff members and gave me one god photo for tour remembrance. we returned to yanam by 11.45 p.m.

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