Advance Pongal Celebrations at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Polytechnic College, Yanam on 13-01-2023

On 13-01-2023, Advance Pongal Celebrations were held in the premises of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Polytechnic College, Yanam for the first time (This idea was ignited to me by Katta Anand, Driver)

For this thing to happen, I, made the students of first year boys along with wokshop rambabu and out sourcing staff rambabu on the previous day evening to collect all those dry tree sticks from back side and place these on the road near the old flag pole post.

On 13-11-2023, With the help of lady staff, particularly from computer Department (Radha kumari) and Physics (Radha Kumari) along with girl students put big muggu. This work was started from 9.30 a.m. As I and physics madam, were the only First year staff, we did not take the class. As, there is no one to contribute and as a in-charge principal, I was forced to contribute Rs.500 to bring colours, pidakalu , diesel and other materials.

So by 12.00 a.m, after the arrival of office superintendent Sadanala V.V.Satyanarayana, we started the Pooja. First, I gave a speech. In my speech, I told importance of this festival. After that Babu, Naga gave their speech. I took tarmouric powder and poured into the sticks, Next took coconut and made three rounds. Next, I hit the coconut on the road floor. To my surprise, with single shot , it broke into two and poured water into those sticks and later threw coconut into the sticks. I lit those sticks with fire. After that lady staff along with some girls rounded around muggu with dance like clapping hands. After that we all had lunch with the meals from old age home.

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