Personal Diary Events 2022

On 28-08-2022, attended staff chandra kala daughter’s first birthday function at coconut merchant at kamisetty street, Yanam, Around Rs 7,000 collected (I contributed Rs.200) and brought 1.5gm gold.

My gastric problems increased after eating biriyani. I should have avoided. At night I was unable to sleep. wife gave first gas tablet and later sleeping tablet.

On 29-08-2022, daughter secured 311 marks out of 720 in pace-7. Mother told father got abnormal thyroid harmone. Rekadi Nagaeswara rao’s mother aged 74 years expired. NSS orientation programme was conducted in the college premises. . Today I tried to write on board with my right hand, but could not unable to lift. Since I was conducting class tests, I took the help from students to write on the board.

On 30-08-2022, daughter secured 372 marks out of 720 in space-2 (cumulative). At 9.00 p.m, after seeing my condition (as my problem was severe with shoulder pain), wife called her sister rama and she adivsed to take me to hospital. I went to G.H, yanam on Nani’s scooty and wife came with chitti. Rama also came to hospital. Lady doctor was there and I explained my problem and rama also told that I am her relative. she asked me to take GMR test. My sugar level was 127 and I did’nt eat anything in the evening. First they gave me pantop injection (took this injection on left hand, injected into naram). Sister who gave me this injection without getting any pain. I appreciated in front of wife. As my pain still not subdued, doctor told me to take diclo injection , which the same nurse gave it on my back side, this time, she done it hardily as I could feel the pain. On the recommendation of rama, doctor gave few tablets which we took outside.కడ-భజ-నపప-గయస. Nani dropped me at home. At night I took only 2 apples (wife brought 4 apples for Rs.100).

On 31-08-2022, as today is vinayaka chavithi (holiday today). wife did’nt do any items, as her two children were at hostel. But anyway we got the items from tenant and wife’s elder sister.

On 01-09-2022, wife’s elder sister’s daughter baby asked me to book flight tickets for her and her mother to maldieves. For this I wasted my afternoon sleeping session. As I am getting late to college, I told them I will do in evening, I don’t know what happened, when I returned to house in evening, they were not there. Later I came to know through wife that, she had argument with her sister and they both went to rama’s house to stay there.

On 02-09-2022, while I was taking a class, Gella raja sekhar called me that he sent me a observed order and I replied him, please inform the same to Dr.N.Sozhan, our college principal. After finishing the class, when I met the principal, he gave me the permission to go to that S.R.K.Degree Arts College.

After getting the permission from principal, I went to S.R.K. Govt. Arts college and met suryaprakash, Assistant professor , who is computer department in-charge and university exams incharge and as well my degree class mate.

On 04-09-2022, though today is a holiday for my college, I had to go to S.R.K. Govt. Arts college at 11.30 a.m to attend my duty as observer. In the evening, I went at 4.00 p.m . On the way , I met naga azmeera, ECE lecturer from my college. On hearing that, I was appointed as observer for s.r.k college, he felt zealous that I was getting some money. At, I met Sukumar, Maths Assistant professor came to this college, through UPSC. On inquiring, whether he got married or nor, he bluntly told me that he decided not to go for marriage, as he tried the same for 4 years, but he couldn’t find proper match and he is already 41 years old now.

On 04-09-2022, I woke up at 2.45 a.m and went to bus stand at 3.35 a.m. Rajole bus came at 3.55 a.m and reached amalapuram at 4.55 a.m. Bus ticket price Rs.70. On reaching bus stand, Vijayawada bus is there. Benz circle ticket cost Rs.355. Bus started at 5.00 a.m and reached Benz circle at 9.30 a.m. Reached daughter hostel at 10.00 a.m. Initially one madam refused to give outing to my daughter, saying that there is a test. But I convinced them and took daughter out. At first, we went to reliance trends for daughter’s shopping. As shop has not opened, we waited opposite side of the road. Daughter took the phone from me and doing something. Later inside the trends mall, When I opened my mobile. In Instagram, daughter is messaging to someone called Teja. Intially I thought, it was her female friend. But in hotel, while we eating, I questioned, who is Teja, she replied, Teja was sushma’s brother. I immediately asked her to unfollow him and it is not her business. Future will be tough for myself. I have to watch her actions. At shop, daughter done shopping for Rs.3125, reduced to Rs.2125 after I used my two coupons. At hotel, it was Rs. 700 (including Rs.30) tip. After that, we went to super market, there she purchased items for Rs.1125. By 1.30 p.m, I dropped daughter at hostel as there is a weekend test for her at 5.00p.m. I went to Vijayawada bus complex by 2.20p.m. Vijayawada-kakinada bus was there. Took ticket for Ravulapalem Rs.300.

On 05-09-2022, first year students came in uniforms, whereas department students came in civil dress. I took the class as usual. Department students CE, ECE, Civil had cut the cake in the LRUC hall with principal as chief guest. First year students mainly of CE students rook the initiative and made me. to cut the cake at 3.45 p.m in workshop.

On 23-09-2022, As wife gave me 20 arusulu and 20 gajjikayalu , I took it to college, as it is friday and put in front of vinayaka. I went to class, but prasad came to me and told me that principal is calling downstairs. Principal gave me the honor to lighten agarabatti and insisted physics madam to give harathi.

On 24-09-2022, NSS day celebrated in our college under NSS Programme officer Jayaveeran.

In charge principal duty given to me by principal Dr.N.Sozhan for two days on 29-09-2022 and 30-09-2022 as he left to puducherry yesterday for Dussera holidays. Ayudha pooja is on 30-09-2022.

On 29-09-2022, I brought pooja things for wife’s tomorrow’s shop opening ceremony along with baby.

On 30-09-2022, as baby got date problem, wife had no other option but to take my help. I skipped shuttle and went along with wife to her shop at ferry road for the first time at 5.45 a.m. After some time one sattibabu (atchamma’s brother) came and helped us. After some time, wife’s sister rama , mother and brothers wife also came. Muhoortam was at 7.45 a.m . I put coconut and came to home by 8.00 a.m after mother also left. Mother was the first person to brought some things for Rs.2,000. I went to college, there also I performed some pooja rituals in the capacity of in-charge principal.

On 01-10-2022, two months salary of August 2022 and September 2022 credited.

On 02-10-2022, I woke up at 2.45 a.m and went to complex by walk at 3.36 a.m. I got into amalapuram bus by 3.45 a.m. Bus ticket Rs.70 and Reached amalapuram complex by 4.30 a.m. I got into the vizayawada bus. Journey started at 5.00 a.m. Bus ticket is Rs.355. Reached vijayawada by 11.30 a.m due to heavy traffic in the outskirts of vijayawada. I along with daughter reached home by 8.45 p.m.

During the dasara holidays from 1-10-2022 to 05-10-2022, I converted my website yanamtakshashila into android app using the tips from This was un-official app. Anyhow, it was installed in my mobile by giving allow permission. In order to publish the same app in google play store, I had to apply by paying 25$ to google by opening Google play console. In this app, I placed wife’s shop sarees using wooecommerce plugin. Daughter went to dariyalathippa on 05-10-2022 and came to home 07-10-2022 irrespective of my objection.

My in-charge as principal was extended from 06-10-2022 as Principal Sozhan did’nt come this week. I received a mail from google play store that my app was rejected citing I did’nt attached proper private policy url.

On 07-10-2022, I rectified that privacy policy problem by installing the plugin in my wordpress website and I submitted for review.

On 08-10-2022, after lot of struggle my first app yanamtakshashila finally published in playstore and took the screenshots of the same and sent to first year polytechnic students group.

On 10-10-2022, daughter was dropped by her mother at vijayawada hostel as her dasara vacations over. Wife along with her mother, two sisters and baby went by car. Rs.50,000 fees was paid for daughter for allow slip. After dropping daughter, wife purchased sarees for her shop. At college, I came to know that Edukondalu’s son met with accident and was in critical condition. I discussed with few staff members that it was due to his father’s attitude, curse was fallen on his son.

On 11-10-2022, I went to kakinada Trust hospital on the vehicle of Naga along with Velayutham, ECE HOD, Chandrasekhar, CE HOD and Pampana Prasada Rao to see Edukondalu son who is in ICU. After a long gap, I had a conversation with Edukondalu.

On 13-10-2022, due to increase of war tensions between Russia and Ukraine, shares have crumbled this week. Our staff members collected Rs30,000 and handed over it to Edukondalu for his son’s treatment. My contribution was Rs.1,000.

Our college boys won the second prize in the dance competition organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra under the supervision of NSS programme officer Jayaveeran. Girls team also participated, but no prize.

On 14-10-2022, came to know from some of his staff friends karunakaran, Ganesh that Edukondalu son’s bone marrow was damaged, that is why he is being given infused blood.

On 16-10-2022, in the afternoon, as per wife request, I decided to stay with her at the wife’s shop. For that I along with wife went to shop. Wife’s mother also came to that place. On seeing her, my B.P raised little bit and came to home. From hereon I should go there, when her mother and sattibabu out of station.

On 23-10-2022, daughter called me after all most one week and told me that she was unwell with cold and lost Rs400 (stolen by someone in hostel) and asked me to phone pay the amount of Rs.700 to her principal rahim. When I called him and told the same, he was furious and he told me that he stopped money giving to students like. After requests, he asked me to phone pay only Rs200. So I did the phone pay. As tomorrow is diwali and holiday for her, I thought of going to vijayawada. Again, when daughter called me, and told the same about my plans, she asked me not to come (thinking about my health condition) in turn, she gave her hostel incharge phone number for which I paid the Phone pay of Rs.500. Today I saw India Vs Pakistan T20 league match in hotstar at Melbourne, Australia. Pakistan made 159 runs in 20 overs by put into bat by India. When India were down at 25/3, I switched off T.V. But when I saw the scoreboard, Kohli and Hadik pandey steadied the ship. In the finishing stage, it was 50 runs in 18 balls. Everyone thought that Pakistan will win the game, but kohli had other plans and won it single handidly.

On 24-10-2022, diwali was celebrated today. As son and daughter were at hostels, I along with wife not celebrated deepavali at home, instead went to mother’s home in evening and later went to anand regency hotel for dinner (I ate tandoori half for first time and chilli chicken and from there went to beach and from there planned to go to second show movie, but wife scrapped that and came back home. All these things done to avoid this stupid neighbour kot’s son’s extras. In the meantime Rishi Sunak of Indian origin became First Prime Minister of Britain.

On 26-10-2022, I uploaded a short video of Kohli Six ( took from twitter and edited and uploaded) of just 6 seconds. To my surprise, it went viral and got nearly 6 million views and received message from youtube that I got 1000 subscribers for my viswanadhapalli raju channel . At first I did’nt believe, upon checking , my channel got nearly 7,000 subscribers.

As I completed one step of minimum subscribers and to monetize my channel, I need 4,000 public hours. But now my channel only has 18 public hours. On 27-10-2022, I posted another kohli six of T20 vs Netherlands. This time, my video got removed and got one copy strike from youtube.

On 28-10-2022, I got second copy strike from youtube and my viral video of kohli six of million views got removed from youtube. I got message from youtube that, If I got another strike, my channel will be disabled. So now I have to wait for 3 months (2023 Jan 25 ) for these strike links to disappear.

On 29-10-2022, on the request of wife, I along with wife, wife’s elder sister and baby went to neelapalli Satya theatre to watch kantara movie for matnee show. Baby gave the money for our tickets also. I spent Rs.120 (4 egg puffs) and Rs.20 for vehicle.

On 30-10-2022, I started my journey little bit late at 4.30 a.m from home to Vijayawada. At Ravulapalem my bus driver put the sudden brake and hit the cycle peddler (aged man) while he was crossing the road. He immediately fell on the road. Bus driver got from the bus and helped him though it was not his fault. Luckily the cycle peddler was able to walk and everyone including me in the bus felt happy. After 20 minutes, the bus moved. I went to daughter’s hostel at 11:45 a.m. and gave her the neet mtg fingertips books. I took her to outing as there is no exam on this day (sunday). She asked me to take her to pvp, instead I took her to trendsetter. I dropped her at hostel at 3.50 p.m and came back to home the next day at 1.15 a.m via kakinada. The total cost for this trip is Rs.11,400.

On 31-10-2022, at late evening, news came in that putti edukondalu’s son is no more. Very sad news, as he stayed in Icu for nearly 20 days and spending 10 lakshs.

On 15-11-2022, Super star Krishna aged 80 years died of cardiac arrest. This year Maheshbabu lost his brother, mother and father. Very sad year for him.

On 20-11-2022, I celebrated 45th birthday by wearing mother’s sponsored clothes. I gave biriyani of 2packets (one veg andone nv) to my parents and brothers family from shanmukha restaurent costing Rs1220. On wife’s terms, I brought 4 packets of biriyani (3 nv and 1 veg) from alloah hotel costing Rs.1080 for wife’s two sisters. In the evening I again spent Rs.2400 for electrical items. Among these one focus light of 100 watts was installed at wife’s shop. At that time wife told, she got a call from Ganesh sister that her husband markendeyulu was died. I did’nt believe. I thought it is fake news. But late evening, my mother called and confirmed the news and told me that he died in the morning at kakinada in sleep.

On 25-11-2022, son came to home by 9.00 a.m on his own from kharagpur by train (3rd AC- booked by me). Board Exams for October 2022 started today. I was give cell duty along with Naga Azmeera.

On 26-11-2022, Seru Satyanarayana (80), father of Seru Ganesh was expired early morning. I went to Ganesh home along with workshop rambabu to pay my last respects, though mother and wife asked me not to go there.

On 27-11-2022, early morning, on the insistence of wife, I went along with her on her vespa to Matlapalem fish market. Son also came on baby’s scooty. It was very cold morning, little bit frightened on the road, but steadied myself. I had to spent Rs.2,000. Wife and her elder sister cleaned and cut the fish and prawns in the whole morning session. Baby went to Tanuku along his father and grand mother to file police complaint against baby’s husband. On the insistence of wife, I went in the late evening to wife shop and after some time, I had unnecessary argument with wife’s elder sister

On 30-11-2022, wife along with son and father went to Gannavaram to attend pedda karma function of Father’s sister’s deceased second son. I skipped this, as I was busy with cell duty of Board semester exams, but went to attend manibabu’s brother daughter’s maturity function in the afternoon. To my badluck, wife’s thottigang of Sattibabu along with his wife, baby and mother-in-law were there. Wife’s mother behaved differently as if I am not know to her. Only the acting baby came to me and talked to me. I was so irritated that I left the place immediately. In the late evening, upon wife’s request, I took her to ferry road shop to dig the holes nearby drinage canal as Sorra srinu avoided that work. I tried my best to dig the hole with gunapam. As the clay was bunka matti, full of clothes, bottles and it was dark, I found it difficult and ayasam came and lot of sweating came. Even I thought I may fall down. But still I am trying, the saddiest wife started scolding me that I am waste . I am getting angry that I wanted to beat her with any thing what, she took gunapam from me and started digging herself. Later when I came home, my heart still beating faster. This one is unforgettable experience for me.

On 04-12-2022, Started Vijayawada journey by waking up at 2.30 a.m along with son and catched amalapuram bus by 4.40 a.m.

On 11-12-2022 (Sunday) In the late evening, physics madam had started chatting in which she posted lot of wild messages, which lasted till 11.30 p.m. I got to know her true identity. I very careful with her. Outside, she looks soft, kelikithe, she is natu.

On 12-12-2022, For the first time, in my polytechnic career, I performed the duties of chief superintendent as principal DR.N.Sozhan went on leave due to health grounds.

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