PSLV-C54/EOS-06 Mission

PSLV-C54/EOS-06 Mission is accomplished. The remaining satellites have all been injected into their intended orbits.



Isro’s workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) lifted off from the first launch pad at Sriharikota spaceport on 26-11-2022 at 11.56am in a two-hour multi-orbit launch mission. The primary payload onboard PSLV-C54 was EOS-06. The 1117kg earth observation satellite was built by UR Rao Satellite Centre, Isro. The nanosatellites included India’s first privately built earth observation satellite Anand.

EOS-06 is third generation satellite in the Oceansat series, which provides continued services of Oceansat-2 with enhanced payload capability. The satellite onboard carries four important payloads viz. Ocean Color Monitor (OCM-3), Sea Surface Temperature Monitor (SSTM), Ku-Band Scatterometer (SCAT-3), ARGOS. The Oceansat-2 which was a launched during Sept-2009 configured to cover global oceans and provide continuity of ocean colour data with global wind vector and characterization of lower atmosphere and ionosphere. The mission resulted in many research collaborations nationally and internationally on various areas global chlorophyll distribution, Kd 490 distribution, ocean color images, oil spillages, wind vector products.

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