Border between India and Pakistan at various locations

Since the independence, Pakistan and India have always been into some kind of cold disputes and both governments always remained in stress for several issues. These are stunning pictures of Pakistan-India border at various border locations.

Pakistani Keran separating Indian Keran

River in Chakothi, Kashmir separating Pakistan and India

Pakistan and India border in Challiana, AJK

Border of Lalhon and Gowindi

Wagha Border

Ganda Singh Border, Kasur

Pak-India Border in Sialkot

Best one

NASA’s Earth Observatory shared a nighttime image of the international border that divides India and Pakistan.

Amid countless dots and some larger blobs of yellow, the border between the two countries can be seen as a distinct, brightly-lit orange line—thanks to the security lights that run the length of the boundary.

Nearly 2,000 kilometres, out of about 3,300 kilometres, of the India-Pakistan border is floodlit,

The photograph was taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, using a Nikon D4 digital camera and a 28-millimetre lens. “For scale, the distance from Karachi to the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains is 1,160 kilometers (720 miles).

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