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Which are the best cities in Tamil Nadu with best tourist spots?

Tamil Nadu is blessed with so many tourist spots and thats why for many years Tamil Nadu stands first in attracting both domestic and international tourists. Tamil Nadu is a perfect blend of various types of tourist spots consisting up of vintage places, falls, hills, ancient temples and beautiful beaches.

Oval Red/Red Circle spots are places having important temples, beaches and palaces with forts.

Red Squares denotes the hill stations and waterfalls filled spots.

Yellow Square indicates the vintage places that offer good architecture.

1.Oval Red Spots includes the famous temple areas as well as some famous beaches in Tamil Nadu and also includes palaces, forts.

Thirupathi-Kalahasthi-Kanipakkam-Thirutani-Chennai-Kanchipuram-Mahabalipuram-Vellore-Thiruvannamalai circle ( includes Southern most parts of Andhra). -First and top most circle

Sri Rangam-Chidambaram-Kumbakonam-Trichy-Tanjore Circle-Karaikal-Mayiladudhurai( UT of Puducherry)-2nd mid circle.

Marudamalai-Coimbatore-Triveni Sangam-Erode Circle-3rd left most circle

Madurai-Palani-Rameshwaram Circle -4th Southern circle.

Kanyakumari-Thiruchendur-Suchindram Circle-Tenkasi-Southernmost circle

Note:- The above places have more temple concentration because these regions were home to the Tamil dynasties -Cheras, Cholas, Pandyas and Pallavas but each and every corner of TN has rich ancient temples but these 5 regions have high concetration of temples.

2.Red Squares indicates the famous hill stations and waterfall rich regions of Tamil Nadu.

Yelagiri-Jalagamparai falls-Jawadhu hills Paruvadhamalai-Top most red square.

Hogenakkal Falls-Pachaimalai hills-Yercaud-Mettur- 2nd red sqaure.

Nilagiri Hills-Vellayangiri hills- Left most red sqaure.

Valparai-Kodaikanal-Kolli Malai hills-Sathuragiri-Bottom left most sqaure.

Kutralam falls-Podhigai Malai- Bottom most sqaure.

3.Yellow sqaure indicates some vintage places having some beautiful houses.

Puducherry vintage houses of French( actually union territory) – Top Yellow sqaure.

Chettinad houses -Bottom Yellow Sqaure.

So plan your trip properly and I am pretty sure to visit Tamil Nadu.- Atleast you will be needing 1 month to fully visit all these places.

Another map with districts with more accuracy. Hope my maps help you!

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