Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 years.

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth II has died aged 96

But what shocked me is this?

Queen with President Joe Biden (2022)

Queen with Donal Trump (2019)

Queen with Obama(2011)

Queen with George W. Bush (2007)

Queen with Clinton (2000)

The Queen with Bushes 1991

Queen with Reagen (1983)

Queen with Jimmy Carter 1977

Queen with President Gerald Ford(1976)

Queen and Nixon (1969)

Queen with Jackie and John F. Kennedy 1961

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Queen with Hoover

Queen with President Eisenhower (1959)

Elizabeth 2 with President Harry Truman 1951

She met all Presidents…Witnessing roughly 1/3 of US history is a shocking..

One and only The Queen Elizabeth 2

Now look at the photo, it was taken less than 48 hours before her death. The smile on Her Majesty’s face is priceless, she is beaming happiness, working and serving the country to end. We are looking at one of the greatest human beings of all time, and one the vast majority of the British people loved a respected dearly.

Her Majesty may have been I’ll or in poor health but that never stopped her caring.

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