Cyrus Mistry – Car accident (Importance of seat belt)

I want your life to be long and healthy. Your family should never have to see you suffer the fate of Cyrus Mistry.

(Top photo) Mistry was inside a Mercedes SUV with a 5-star crash test rating. Look at the condition of the car post-accident. Ony the front is destroyed, most of the rest is intact. That is because it is a safe car.

(Bottom photo) Mistry was in the rear seat. And he was among the two who died instantly. The reason – No seatbelt. Look at the demonstration, what Mistry must have suffered on impact. Not wearing a seatbelt killed him. Even a luxury car couldn’t save him.

Lesson to be learnt from Cyrus Mistry’s tragic death in the road accident…. It’s very important to wear seat belts in the rear seat as well…. Generally it’s considered safe in the rear seat and belts are not worn. Cyrus Mistry was sitting on the rear seat, the two people that survived were sitting in front with seat belts on. There were four people in the vehicle, of which two, including Mistry, died on the spot. The other deceased person has been identified as Jahangir Binshah Pandole. Those injured — identified as Anahita Pandole, a top doctor at Breach Candy Hospital, (who was driving the car) and Darius Pandole, the managing director and CEO of JM Financial Private Equity — have been shifted to a hospital. Airbags are of no use if seat belt is not strapped….that is the first line of defence…Air bag is the second line of defence only if the first is complied He was the varis of shapporji pallonji group….tragic end…great loss If you not lock sitting chair seat belt properly Air bag will not open.

All the cars have rear seat belts as per government regulation, but very few people use them, it is an illusion that the rear is very safe. During the time of crash the person behind is sometimes thrown at a force of 40G (40 times the gravity, which means the person weighing 80kgs will be like 3200kgs). If the front passenger is wearing seat belt and rear passenger is not, during the time of crash the front passenger is likely to be severely injured or killed due to the rear passenger falling with a weight of an elephant.

I have seen people giving exactly ZERO damns about seatbelts in the rear seats. Generally, nobody cares. I want this accident to be printed in your mind so that you never underestimate seatbelts.[1] Please ensure the safety of yourself and everyone around you.

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