Teachers’day in lndia

5 th September,the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan,is observed as Teachers’day in lndia.
.Radhakrishnan born in a middle-class family but by his confidence,concentration and strong convictions went on to become a great philosopher and later on the president of lndia. It was the glory of the lndian democracy that an educationist aloof politics but with an international acclaim as a profound scholar was placed in the position of the President. It was in 1962 ,some of his followers wanted his permission to celebrate the President’s birthday. But he answered instead of celebrating his birthday, he will be much more happpier if 5 th September is observed as Teachers’Day.

From then onward the day is celebrated as Teachers’ Day in lndia. He essentially remained a teacher all his life. The teaching profession was his first love and those who studied under him still remember with gratitude his great qualities as a teacher.

Teaching is a noble profession. It allows one to share knowledge, wisdom and helps children become responsible and capable adults. The future of the world lies in the hands of teachers.

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