Fall of Noida Twin Towers

Twin Towers : Super tech towers- a 40 floor twin towers- in NOIDA , India were illegally built.

Cost : These were built with the construction cost of Rs 70 crores. The current market value is 700 crores.

Builder had already collected 180 crores from 800 home buyers.

Insolvent : Well, builder has been declared insolvent by National Company Law Tribunal.

Demolition : Now, after a supreme court of India ‘s judgement ;these towers will be demolished soon .

Cost : It would cost around Rs 20 crore to demolish them.

Within the following two to three days, the explosive wire connections that have been installed on every floor will be finished. Explosives have been placed inside the Twin Towers during the past two weeks. The task will be completed in nine seconds. The Supreme Court has ordered that the Noida Twin Towers, the highest structure in India, be destroyed on 28th August 2022 . The structure taller than the Qutub Minar would be brought down with explosives weighing at least 3,700 kilograms.

Why are Noida’s Supertech twin towers being demolished?

The Twin Towers are in violation of several building codes as observed by the Supreme Court. According to reports, the Noida Authority was complicit in sanctioning the building plan. Initially, the plan was to build 14 towers which of 9 floors. Later, around 2012, the new plan suggested twin towers with a height of 40 floors.

Supertech ran into trouble when Residents’ Welfare Association (RWA) of the society approached the Allahabad High Court, claiming issues with the construction. In 2014, the Allahabad HC had ordered the builders to demolish the twin towers and refund the buyers’ payments. This order was subsequently held up by the Supreme Court in 2021.

Well : “In this life many demolitions are actually renovations. “: Rumi (Sufi poet- thinker).

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