Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Polytechnic College, Yanam Admission 2022-2023

Auto Camagining(Owner Jaffer) was given contract for 3 days @ Rs.2500 per day (Actually he asked for Rs.3,000) and Rs30 challan fee per day at Police station was extra. On 15-06-2022, Auto canvassing campagin started with Anand Arji in Rural hamlets from Kurasampeta to Savithri Nagar.


Campaigning duties given to outsourcing staff from 17-06-2022 for Ist year admission 2022-23 as per above google sheet link

On 18-06-2022, Khl Radhakumari (Physics) and Radhakumari madam and Sridevi madam went to old Rajeev nagar and flood bank road and old age home and distributed pamplets but some of them hesitated to take pics . We have been made aware of our polytechnic college . Tata rao, Anand Arji and Srinivasa Manikanta campagined at Kanakalapeta, Kurasampeta and Gopal Nagar respectively.

On 18-06-2022, auto campagin was conducted at town area in the morning session and covered Injaram, kapulapalem in Andhra side. In Evening session at Ferry road.

On 19-06-2022 (Sunday), 1000 no.s of polytechnic admission pampletes were distributed through various newspapers through Puvvala Satynarayana (Librarian).

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