India – The most dangerous snakes live in this world

The 7th largest country has a population of 1.3 billion! Unfortunately for the Indian people, some of the world’s deadliest snakes also call India home.

The Naja

Caspian Cobra – The world’s most venomous Cobra is found in the Kashmir region in Northern India

Spectacled Cobra – Planet Earth’s deadliest Cobra! Responsible for over twenty thousand snakebite fatalities each year! This makes the iconic snake a member of India’s Big Four!

Monocled Cobra – The third most feared Cobra in India is a spitter! This infamous snake has been known to bite and kill a person within one hour!

Andaman Cobra – Only found in India’s Andaman Island’s. It has the smallest range of all, good news considering it’s highly venomous. This is one dangerous snake.

King Cobra – This snake needs no introduction, The King of Snakes! The longest and largest venomous snake in the world, and arguably India’s most iconic animal besides the Bengal Tiger. King Cobras do not belong to the Naja family meaning it’s not a true Cobra, but since it’s the only member of its true family, I can’t leave his majesty out.

The Viperidae are among the world’s most dangerous snakes, there are 32 species of venomous vipers in India, two viper species are responsible for killing at least a Million people just in the 21st century! The infamous Russell’s Viper and notorious Carpet or Saw-Scaled Viper.

Russell’s Viper – Asia’s bad boy kills more people than any other snake, even though it only lives in one country. India’s land mine, the deadliest member of India’s Big Four. The cytotoxic venom is flesh destroying, it attacks hormones, healthy adults turned back to children mentally has been documented.

Saw-Scaled Viper – This is officially the snake that kills the most people on the planet. The main reasons for this is the snakes size, a small viper rarely seen that packs a punch. It also has a massive range, it can be found in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The third member of India’s Big Four. Imagine the fatalities if the Russell’s had the same sized range?

India’s Pit Vipers

Humped Nosed Pit Viper – Found in India & Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 It was once thought of as a fairly harmless pit viper, until they realised it was actually highly venomous! Probably because they kill people?

Bamboo Pit Viper

Mangrove Pit Viper

Large Scaled Pit Viper

Horseshoe Pit Viper


Common Krait – Also called the Indian or Blue Krait, this highly venomous snake is the final member of The ‘Big Four’ and to manyIndia’s most feared serpent. Many victims that are bitten are sleeping, Kraits are drawn into houses at night and since a lot of people sleep on the floor, they accidentally roll on them causing a lethal injection, they never wake up. Kraits have tiny fangs and a relatively painless bite. They kill between twenty to thirty thousand people each year! I’d rather a bite from a Krait than a Russell’s, I’d take a sleeping death over a screaming death.

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