Karl Rock (New Zealand) – You tube travel blogger

YouTube travel blogger Karl Rock’s videos about India, Pakistan, who is originally from New Zealand came to India in 2014 married Indian girl and wanted to settle in India after obtaining Indian citizenship. He learned few Hindi words. But in the mean time on his tourist visa, He went to Indian Kashmir and also he went to Pakistan visited places like Occupied Kashmir, Balakot, where Indian Airforce conducted surgical strikes wearing muslim turban and uploaded his trip videos. In those videos someone from pakistan talked about tea fantastic which did not went well with Indian audience and Indian Government blacklisted him and cancelled his visa. Indian Government felt that he violated some Indian rules by misusing his tourist visa. Now he is staying in Newzeland unable to meet his wife in India and he filing a case against Indian Government in Delhi High court through his wife.

Delhi Man Calls YouTuber Karl Rock 'Corona', Launches Into Ugly Racist  Attack
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