Ilha da Queimada Grande – the most dangerous geographical location in the world

Located in the Atlantic off the coast of Brazil. Looks like a normal island, right? Until I say something.

This island has snakes (it is also called “Snake Island”). And, I mean a lot of snakes; one snake to every metre square. It’s like walking 3 feet and discovering another snake.

What makes it more intimidating is this creature:

The Golden lancehead viper. They are found nowhere else on Earth but here. It is estimated that there are 2,000 to 4,000 of them. Its venom is so strong that human skin can melt when it comes in contact with it.

There is a lighthouse in the island and it is believed that a family used to control it. But, one day the snake entered through open window and the family were bitten to death. Terrifying story just to think of.

Humans are barred to go into the island.

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