Indian Forest Service (IFoS)

There are three All India Services(AIS) namely Indian Administrative Service (IAS),Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Forest Service (IFoS).

Indian Forest Service (IFoS) is mainly different from other two AIS in the following ways.

  1. Only Science and Engineering graduates shall be eligible to apply for the Exam(UPSC civils Prelims and IFoS mains) where as any graduate is eligible for IAS/IPS. Visit upsc website for all details.
  2. IFoS works for wild life ,forest development and to maintain ecological balance of the country where as Other All India Services like IAS and IPS work for human development and welfare.
  1. Their main role is protect Nature hence it is may be called as Natural Resource Service.
  2. It is also uniformed service and have to protect wildlife and Forest from Human activities such as Poaching, Smuggling of wild life parts.
  3. Their responsibility is to increase the forest coverage (33%) and reduce the man-animal conflict
  4. They are responsible to give report on feasibility of conversion of forest land for developmental projects such as construction of Dams, Roads and Railway lines, Industries etc.
  1. They are having life threat from forest and wildlife mafia. ( Redsandal mafia , Elephant poaching etc) Some of the officers lost their lives in that like P.Srinivas,IFoS in war with South Indian forest decoit Veerappan.
  2. They have to work in remote areas where no proper connectivity and facilities are available in the starting of the service. Little bit difficult to stay with family who hailed from urban areas.
  3. They are trained at Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA) , Dehradun where as for others LBSNSA, Mussorie.
  4. IFoS officers have high role to play in building lung space for human’s and to lead better quality of life by people.
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