Thought of the day

When you are right/confident on your thought process as right, never mind others opinion like slander, aversion, gossips and backbites. If people are good enough in their attitude and if they have real concern on you then they would have come to you to express their real views either to tell what have done as wrong or to appreciate you for your righteous deeds. Don’t consider the other category of people who always involve in gossips. They neither useful to you nor useful to the society. Freaky minds never grow self and let others to grow/digest the other’s growth. Refrain from them as they are no longer a part of your life. Try to be cautious enough on them in each of your steps/acts as they will try to trap you in each of their opportunities. Never let them in your space and put aside your distractions. Be confident on what you do and march towards your destiny. If anyone wants to stop you on your progress it should be only you to yourself.

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