Presiding Officer – Duties at a glance

Office of the Returning Officer – V

11 – Lawspet and 12 – Kalapet

Returning Officer V : Thiru. M. Kandasamy, Deputy Collector Revenue(North), 9443407852

Assistant Returning  Officer (11- Lawspet) Thiru. M. Ganesan, Under Secretary, 9865027415

Assistant Returning  Officer (12- Kalapet) Thiru. Mathew Francis, Revenue Officer, 9677335433

Presiding Officer – Duties at a glance

Distribution Centre – Pre Poll Day (05.04.2021)Know your Sector Officer and Assistant to SO – Their Mobile No’sKnow your First Polling OfficerCollect all the election materials, Covid Kit, etcCheck the EVM and VVPAT ID pertaining  to your P.SCheck availability of  Green Paper Seals, Pink Paper Seals, Marked Copy of Elector, ASD List..etcGet the Login ID/Password  for RTPMS
Polling Station Pre-Poll Day (02.30 pm on 05.04.2021)Know your Team – PO-1,2,3, MTS, Local VAO, etc…Inspect the Polling StationRevise the duties and responsibilities of P.O. Set up the Polling Station – Voting Compartment, Polling Officials’ Seating, Presiding Officer seating  and Polling Agents’ Seating arrangementsOne final check of all polling materials as per list providedInspect the Polling Station area – Outside -100/200 m mark , No poster, Banner, Wall                 Painting, etc…If present inform Sector Officers/Tahsildar/ Dy. Tahsildar Paste list of contesting Candidates – Form 7 A outside P.S and other posters and signages at appropriate places.Go through the presiding officer hand book and check all forms and Statutory covers  and keep them safe. Inform the SOs if any found missing.Have dinner by 7.30 pm – Go to sleep as early as possible.
  Poll DayWake up by 4.00 AM  and be ready by 5.00 AMMake other P.Os to be ready by 5.00 AMSet up the Voting Compartment, EVM’s to get ready for Mock PollAt 5.30 AM commence the Mock Poll if at least 2 polling agents have arrived or else wait for 15 minutes up to 5.45 AMConduct the Mock Poll  with 50 Votes – Allow Polling agents to cast vote – Ask  one P.O to note down the votes cast to each candidates – Finally  check the total and press the close button.Press Result – Show to Polling Agents – Note down the votes in respect of each candidate – Open VVPAT – Remove slips in VVPAT – Tally VVPAT slips with EVM vote count – Conclude Mock Poll. Put “Mock Poll” Seal on the backside of the VVPAT slips and seal it and place in the plastic box.Press clear button – Switch off the control unit.Seal the Control Unit and VVPAT with respective Green Paper Seal, Special Tag, Strip Seal, Address Tags. Get the signature of the Polling agents in addition to the sign  of the Presiding Officer in all  the above before commencement of the poll. Prepare Mock Poll Certificate and Inform Sector Officer
  At 7.00 AMSwitch on the control unitRead aloud poll commencement declaration and get signature of the polling agents Press the total button and ensure the total votes in CU is ZeroCommence the Poll at 7.00 AM. Update in RTPMS app Allow the 1st voter to cast the vote. Update the Bi-Hourly data in the RTPMS App at scheduled time.Properly maintain the 17- A register and periodically check and tally with the CU.Note down the events from start to end in the presiding officer diary.Get the signatures of Polling agents present in addition to the Presiding officer in 6 Address tags( 2 each for BU, CU and VVPAT).Get the signature in visit sheet during poll time from the officers visiting the P.S
6.00 to     7.00 pmIf Covid patients come to the P.S., they have to allow with personal protecting equipment, sanitizer and social distancing,  the polling officials are also shall strictly follow the SOP.
At  7.00 PM – End of PollAscertain if there are no voters waiting to vote, press the close button to close the poll. In case of voters waiting in queue at 7.00 PM , close the gate and issue tokens and allow all the voters to cast their votes.Fill form 17-C and issue a copy each to the Polling agents.Read out the presiding officer’s declaration Part-III and get the signatures of the polling agents.Switch off CU. Turn the VVPAT knob to transportation position and remove the battery.Put the CU, BU and VVPAT in their respective carry cases and close the cases and put 2 address tags in each cases and seal them. Secure the address tags using Adhesive tape. Complete the presiding officer’s diary  and fill out all the other forms.Keep the forms in respective covers. Seal the covers that have to be sealed.Keep the covers in their respective large covers as per the check list printed on them. Do not paste the large covers.
     Remove the voting compartment. Keep all the items in the bag and remove all the posters.Wait for the SO to arrive for handing over the EVMs/VVPAT/all covers, materials, etc in the collection centre.
  • No task shall be proceeded with  doubt and shall be done only after clarification from S.O
  • At the end of Mock poll, Special tag seal, Green paper seal, strip seal and one address tag in CU, two address tag in VVPAT and pink seal over the plastic box containing printed voter slips.
  • At the end of Actual poll each carry cases with two address tags.
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