IIT Ropar – Hostel facilities

3rd and 4th years along with PG and PhD students get Single Rooms while 1st and 2nd year students get rooms for 2 people each.

This is an image of the three boys hostels. Each hostel has 2 wings, and have about a hundred rooms on each floor (both wings included) with 4 floors in total.

This is how the wings look from the inside. The open area on ground floor has great seating (the red seats you see in the images), sometimes club sessions are held there too. The rooms get enough air and sunglight because of this open structure. There are 2 lifts in each wing of each hostel.

Each floor of the hostels has a common area. The one above is our makeshift gym. Many are TV Rooms and have ample seating capacity for you to watch movies with friends anytime you want. Though nowadays the movie screening club just uses our Seminar Halls because of the stepped seating, recliner seats and large screen with high def projectors and audio. It’s really pretty close to a cinema.

Bathrooms have wooden stalls and modern showers. But the best thing about the hostels is the INTERNET!! 

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