Life is a journey of experiences

What do you think life Is? May be Life is a race in your mind, I want to learn this, I want to learn that, I want to become like this, I want to become like that, I want to marry with this person or may be I want to buy a big bungalow-car, I want to do this, I want to do that …and so many things…OMG….! How many dreams we see..! Every day new expectations enter in our life… every single day, we have so much to do, so much to think.. right?? because, it is a part of our life. If we don’t have any dreams or any expectations, how will we move forward ?? How will we achieve our goals?? Well let it go for now, tell me first, what exactly is life for you? And how many such expectations, dreams do you have before you die? Ohh God..! I lost this subject in my college, I lost my job, I would have gotten better; But it’s gone now, I can’t do anything… I am very bad girl, or bad boy…such thoughts, such questions may always come in many people’s mind and always creates a lot of sadness … Well, such people wears a lot of sadness, and hug so much to that sadness, and only think of others What will people say to me?? I failed, what people will think?? What should I do, my job is gone ?? My marriage broke up, what will society say on it ?? And this is what people take so much close to it, even they forget how much did they learn, how much did they enjoy in that moment of life…. they forget everything.. they forget that amazing experience of learning and enjoying the things, and only crying because they did not get any success… such people being sad or the thought of suicide may comes to their mind.. it’s not with everyone, but there are so many people in our society which thinks like these negative thoughts….Think about it, what do you think life is?? An exam? Or a Competition ?? Or just coming in this world, and now want to go from this world ?? Have you ever asked yourself, what is your existence in this world? Why you have born? If not, start to think, and try to find the answers for that…

Shall I tell what think the life is for me??I think life is a journey of beautiful experiences .. in which some experiences are bad, but in this beautifully planned journey, the experiences don’t become like garbage in the river water, they try to not become the part of bad garbage, and just get the best out of it. I mean, it is like, How do you slowly, tastily, happily, taste every single particle of every food that you love… exactly like this we should experience every moment of our life, may be the moment is bad or good, even experience the failure with joy… because from each of those experience we would have taken something, some learning, the happiness, and we forget behind the failure… When we compare ourselves with others, that time we feel more like failure… and that’s actually not the failure… Yes, competition is necessary, but with whom ?? With ourselves right?? If we spend our every day, better than yesterday.. then yes… we are succeeding…Happiness in life is like no other success in the world .. because even if we fail or lose in it, this happiness never diminishes, it always stays with us, at every moment…In this life experience we will always be in the first place .. no one can win in this, and no one can lose… because it’s my life, your life, our life… and you will be the winner of your life… If you don’t decide your success or failure, then who will decide ?? If you do Comparisons, it can always be a failure for you… Build your self-confidence and this is art of living yourself, give it the right turn, and consider this life a journey of experiences… not a race or or competition…Remember, don’t forget to enjoy every moment… So now, what does life feel like ???

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