Be your own Motivation

We often look for self motivation from in and around us. There are lots of motivational resources available in this digital era. But the problem is we are missing something. We can’t stay motivated for longer period of time. These resources are not useful in long run. So ultimately these resources failed at some points of time as we are not capable enough to get ourself tuned with those resources. So what shall a person do to get themselves motivated.” Be your own motivation. “Stop searching for resources to get motivated. Just start from where you are. Focus on action. Though planning is important but without actions it’s just wastage of time and resources. So stop over-thinking and start doing. Don’t waste your precious time in negative, unproductive thoughts. Just utilized it for good and productive things. Do those things, that set you apart from other, be unique in your own way. Why care for others, just focus on your goal and achieve it. Don’t wait for another person or right time to start any task. Just start it. There are two probability either you failed or get success. If you failed at something, you will get some experience and learning out of it. And if you succeed, you have roads opens to explore ahead.

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