one year old

I was born on Twenty November Nineteen hundred seventy seven at Yanam Nursing home (Dr. Varma). My parents were Father: Viswanadhapalli Soma Raju Mother: Viswanadhapalli Adamma  ( Her house hold name is koppada).

At the time of my birth, my father has no job. After my sister Viswanadhapalli Suryavathi’s ( 2 years younger than me ) birth, my father got watchman job at Public woks Department, Yanam, later he was promoted to Peon – L.D.C – U.D.C and got retired. My father used to write rama koti ( sri rama, sri rama) . At the time of my birth, my mother working as a Primary teacher at girls primary school, near Central boys school. Later she was promoted to Telugu language teacher and also was in-charge head-mistress at S.K.S.P.V.R.N.High School, Kankalapeta and later retired.

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Photo was taken, when I was 5 years old, Left from Right My aunty ( Mother’s second sister, Mother with my sister, Father with my brother, Grand mother ( Mother’s mother) hold me in my arms

As my parents both were working and no one there to take care , my date of birth was changed from 20-11-2020 to 29-08-1977 to join me in a school.

Primary Education ( 1982-87)

I did my education from 1st class to 5th class at Central Boys School, Yanam. When I was studying 3rd class Teacher Acharya gave me a progress card ( class 2nd rank). While I was walking to home with joy, somehow progress card lost out of my hand and fell into the nearby drainage. I left it there it self and start walking, my friends informed my grand-father ( Koppada Sathi Raju) disciple Koppada Drurga Rao ( learned tailoring from my grand father) about the incident. He carefully took my progress card and dried it and gave it to me back.

After schooling, daily I used to go to tuition at Pesala Tatabbayi house. I have written Navodaya vidyalaya entrance at the end of 5th class.

High School Education ( 1987-92)

Initially, I joined 6th class in Mahatma Gandhi High School, Yanam. After two months, I came to know that I was selected for Navodaya vidyala, Yanam while I was in the tuition centre of Pesala Tatabbai sir’s house.

Glimpse of Navodaya Vidyala, Yanam

When I was in 8th class, my right hand bone at the joint was broken, while I was playing Kabaddi at K.N.G.G.High school as five members other team fell on my hand as I was attempting to touch the middle line.

Intermediate ( 1992-94)

After 10th, teachers of Yanam JNV asked us to what you will do? which branch you are going to choose? I even thought of coming out of this JNV system to study intermediate at my home to secure more marks as at that time, there were no entrance exams, Engineering or Medical seats were allocated only on the basis of securing more marks. Since JNV is CBSE based, getting more marks is some what tough, whereas local Ap board getting more marks is much more easier. My class mate Jaya prakash, s/o telugu degree lecturer has done exactly that. Though he secured B.D.S seat, but entered into professional courses stream. I tried to convince my parents, but they have not agreed. My father thought that as JNV is a central based institution, they will give job after completing my course. I had no other option, so I extended my study at JNV. As I secured Mathematics subject 79/100 (2nd highest) in my 10th batch, I decided to go for M.P.C. As Yanam JNV is only up to 10th class, I was forced to take MBIpc (Boths Mathematics and Biology) at JNV,Peddapuram, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh located at Panadavulametta. Some of my 10th batch mates joined at HEC, JNV Peddapuram and some others joined vocational course at JNV near visakhapatnam.


  1. Pan Card

Year 2001


Year 2009

I went to Hyderabad along with my brother to give send off to my parents who are going to US to stay at sister’s home for 6 months. After that I and my brother went to vist Ramoji film city. Here is a glimpse of this

Went to Puducherry. Here is a glimpse of photos

Year 2012


Year 2017

NSS Special Camp

Year 2020

Maturity function of my daughter Viswanadhapalli Hasini was conducted on 21-01-2020.

Year 2021

From the month of October 2020 onwards, I was given the in-charge principal duties by our Principal Dr.N.Sozhan citing health and family issues and used to give directions from Puducherry.

Issuing of epic card to new voter on Voter’s day 25-01-2021

Republic Day (26-01-2021)

On the occasion of , I hoisted flag at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Polytechnic, College Yanam

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On 27-01-2021, Google AdSense activated and google ads are displaying on my blog

As on 01-02-2021, my January month budget is: Income: 46,000 , Expenditure: 39,401 Net gain: 6,599.

Central valuation was conducted for two days 01-02-2021 and 02-02-2021 for Board Exams December 2020 ( arrears of all schemes) in the principal chamber. I corrected nearly 140 answer scripts with 10 pages each with lot of pain.

On 03-02-2021

Our college staff namely Syam babu, Chandra kala and Bharathi have provided lunch in celebration of their married life.

Our college principal Dr.N.Sozhan has handed over the accounts of college by passing senior staffs, so that, he can relieve himself at Puducherry itself and no need to come to Yanam.

Again my principal sir Dr.N.Sozhan has given a authorization to act as a drawing and disbursing officer in his presence from 08-02-2021 to 13-02-2021.

On 12-02-2021, I got a letter from Yanam Election Deparatment signed by Deputy Tahsildar stating that I have to download digital E-epic cards of First time voters of Yanam region in the capacity of Sveep Nodal Officer. In response, I decided and gave a letter in writing to Deputy Tahsildar and requested him to relieve me from additional duty of Sveep Nodal officer on Medical grounds. He accepted and asked me to suggest one faculty name and I suggested my colleague name Naga Azmera, Lecturer/Electronics (wanted to do this duties) to Vamsi, Election Clerk. Previously I worked as a Sveep Nodal officer for Loksabha Elections 2019, where I got the remuneration of Rs.40,000/-. Now they increased to Rs.80,000/-. But I decided not to do this.

On 14-02-2021 ( Valentine’s Day) I tried and cooked Ladies finger masala curry ( using information from my website ) along with my son as my wife is unwell. To my surprise, it was success and everyone was happy.

My mother gave 20 small iron stands (approx. Rs.10,000) for terrance gardening and transportation chages (Rs.250) for which they have not claimed any money from me.

On 16-02-2021, My brother’s wife satyaveni got selected for Guest Trained Graduate Teacher ( For Telugu language )

On 19-02-2021, I paid Rupees Fifty thousand towards NPS to get income tax concession. My pran number generated. I came to know that Chemistry Lecturer Swamy for S.R.K. Degree Arts college, Yanam was appointed as Sveep.

On 23-02-2021, finally my account got credited salary loan of Rupees Nine lakhs fifty thousand only towards my children educational expenses with EMI of Rupees Nineteen thousand eight hundred for five years. I have applied for this loan in the month of January 2021. Processing fee of Rupees eleven thousand two hundred and ten was deducted. In addition to this, Aditya Birla life insurance with annual premium of Rupees Thirty thousand only was added to this account.

As on 27-02-2021, cooking oil increased to Rs. 150 and 1 Lr petrol cost Rs.100. I received my pran id through post on 27-02-2021. When I clicked ads my self in my site at my college office desktop, to my surprise, my adesense revenue shot up to 2$ on that particular day of 28-02-2021. Till that my revenue was only 0.01$.

Again my principal sir Dr.N.Sozhan has given a authorization to act as a in-charge principal (routine duties) in his presence from 01-03-2021 to 05-03-2021 after refusal from ECE HOD Dr.Thanigachalam to take this charge.

As on 01-03-2021, my February month budget is: Income: 46,753 , Expenditure: 39,820 Net gain: 6933.

On 02-03-2021 morning at 9.30, again I tried clicking ads in my site using college academic desktop with knowing the consequence. By 11.30 A.M, my google AdSense advertisements suddenly stopped. After checking my AdSense account, one notification came saying that due to invalid clicks ads were removed from your site. In the evening, I received an e-mail from Google AdSense team to upload one of my documents to finalize my payments of 8$. I uploaded my voter id.

On 03-03-2021, Google AdSense team sent me a mail stating that, your account suspended for illegal multiple clicks up to 01-04-2021 and also given warning that, if you repeat the same, your account will be permanently disabled. When I searched for yesterday’s statistics, 180 views from U.S means that, the Google AdSense team reviewed my site. Very disappointed. In our college, 7th pay arrears for teaching staff are sent to pipmate for financial implications.

On 05-03-2021, father of our Polytechnic staff Thiru. Katta Anand, Driver aged 82 years namely katta sattenna has died in the early hours and I payed homage to him along with my staff. On 06-03-2021, father of our Polytechnic staff Thiru. Puvvala Satyanaraya, Lab attender aged 95 years died in the early hours and I payed homage to him along with my staff.

On 09-03-2021, I went to vijayawada to bring my daughter back as she was given 5 days holidays due to Mahasivarathri and school fee collection. My journey started at 6.00 A.M and returned to Yanam by 10.00p.m. During the journey, from gosala to bus stand, I booked a bus ticket for return journey from vijayawada to Amalapuram, at the time of booking only 30 minutes are there to catch that bus. Luckily I and my daughter reached in time, but when I got out from the bus, ticket checking team asked me the ticket. When I searched my pockets, ticket was not there. so I asked my daugher to search under my seat. Luckily it was there, otherwise I have to pay penalty and also time is ticking fast. I payed 20,000\- as hostel fees and 2,000\- as pocket fees.

On the occasion of Mahasivarathri (11-03-2021) , My mother invited my family( me, wife and two children to her house for lunch and dinner. My father bought fish pandugoppa (2 no.s each of Rs250 at Ganapathi nagar by-pass). During the conversation, I came to know that my father’s age is 75 years.

Suddenly my wife fell sick and without informing me, she went to her elder sister’s house on the night of 12-03-2021 and there she was given saline by her younger sister and she came back to my house on night of 13-03-2021 and don’t know what happened ( may be some poisonous words told by her sisters and elder’s daughter) she is not talking to me and avoiding me till now.

On 14-03-2021, I took my daughter to vijayawada by bus. When hostel was approaching, she asked me who gave the idea to join her in hostel and again she wept at the hostel saying that no other roommates came. At that time, I also saw in my mobile news, one girl made suicide at mythree Bhavan ( chaitanaya campus, Poranki). I really felt bad. I came to Yanam by 5.00 a.m. in the next day morning.

By 16-03-2021, my wife with here own initiative this time started talking with me. On 17-03-2021, I attended Katta Anand’s father obituary function at his house. At that time, I seen a big bike rally from Ranga swamy of N.R. party along with Thiru. Malladi Krishna Rao who came all the way from Puducherry to file nomination from Yanam Assembly constituency. He already filed his nominaton from Thattanchavady constituency. I have sent birthday wishes to my sister ( in U.S.A) through whatsapp and she responded. On 18-03-2021, I attended Puvvala Satyanarayana’s father obituary function at his house( Bheem Nagar). My wife stitched 40 grow bags for terrace gardening using her own skill ( prawn feed bags given by rented tenant).

On 20-03-2021, I went to S.Rungta Irrigation Pvt. Ltd, Dommetipeta along with my wife, son, Baby and her mother, by 4.00 p.m, where my wife brought drip system pipes for watering the plant pots ( specially they have made on our order and operator is my brother’s friend) for Rs.6567/-, transported to my house with the help of my son. On 22-03-2021, My principal rejected my hostel subsidy claim of my daughter saying that hostel fees not mentioned any where. I got angry and frustrated , but controlled and took my bill back saying that I will submit later as he was blackmailing me to stop other staff member’s tution bills.

NSS 2020-21 Special Camp Inaguration ( Day- 1) on 22-03-2021

On 23-03-2021, I started investing stock market through zerodha by buying 10 shares of ITC Ltd ( each share of Rs.223) .My principal conducted a meeting to discuss about whether classes conducted off line or on line based on Dote circular, where I was the only one opposed against classes conducting online mode and also about puducherry staff working from home, but principal finally told that classes will be conducted online from 24-03-3021 onwards. On 24-03-2021, I brought 10 shares of SBI ( at Rs.369) and 10 shares of Reliance ( at Rs.2057). Principal called me today and asked me to do the duty of in charge principal from 25-03-2021 onwards as he going for leave . I thought that this time he will give this duty to Naga Azmeera because of yesterdays argument with him.

As on 01-04-2021, my March month budget is: Income: 62,864 , Expenditure: 169852 Net loss: 1,06,988.

My google adsense was re-enabled on 02-04-2021 after the completion of my suspension. On 03-04-2021, after completing my shuttle game, I saw a big snake crawling fast just infront of my vehicle near shuttle court road where my NSS volunteers cleaned that part yesterday, while I was riding back to my home. Probably that snake is cobra. By 8.00 p.m, my laptop suddenly malfunctioned. I don’t know what to do. I planned to take this to kakinada tomarrow, but tomarrow is a sunday. Then I thought of computer ganesh.

On 04-04-2021, with the help of computer ganesh, I successfully got new o.s in my laptop. Nss special camp ended to-day by distributing NSS T-shirts to 9 volunteers ( 5 boys and 4 girls).

On 09-04-2021, my sister-in-law Rama Devi came to my home and invited me to her house for her second daughter ananya’s first birthday function falls on 11-04-2021, but I indirectly refused saying that on that day, I am going to vijayawada to bring my daughter as she got two holidays ugadi and Dr.Ambedkar Jayanthi.

On 11-04-2021, I went to vijayawada at 12.15 P.M and met cashier and principal shiva sir to get the hostel fee format on their school letter pad as asked by our Principal and We reached home at 9.30 P.M. I had a time to attend my sister-in-law’s daughter birthday function. As her husband did not attend my daughter’s maturity function, I had no interest. My wife and son attended that function and my wife took Rs1000\- from my cash box for that function. she told me that they served reyyala biriyani, crabs curry, fish fry etc and she brought big size plate similar to my daughter’s maturity function gift and my son brought some reyyala birityani with crab curry from that function for my night dinner. My wife told me that her sister brought big tv 50 inches ( approx Rs.35,000) with home theatre and a new fridge of Rs.40,000\-.

On 14-04-2021, I along with my daughter started our journey to vijayawada from home at 10.30 A.M. I was dropped by my son and my daughter by chiitti on their scooties at Yanam bus stand. But to my frustration, my was not there at bus stand. I dont’know where chitti and my daughter went. 20 minutes passed, Three busses including superluxury left for Amalapuram in front of my eyes. I even called my wife and my son to their whereabouts. After that they both came and I started scolding chitti and daughter and even I beat my daughter on her head. Chitti said, they went to bakery to brought dri fruit juice and snaks and she shown me the ice cream, On seeing this, I got very angry and threw that dry fruit juice glass bottle on chitti’s vehicle for which chitti got red-faced.. My daughter strated crying and in the mean time Amalapuram ( Ordinary bus service) came and got into the bus left for Amalapuram. chitti’s phome is with my daughter and she told to collect this phone next day morning. When, we about to reach vijayawada, my son told that information coming from her fried that sri chaitanya school declared 1 week holidays from 15-04-2021 to 21-04-2021. I confirmed this news by making a call to principal shiva sir. so again we catched a bus to kakinada at 5.00 p.m witout going to her hostel, gosala. we reached yanam at 12.30 a.m next day. All in all I spend Rs.2200/- for nothing because of school fault.

On 16-04-2021, I underwent covid-19 testing for the first time at M.G.G.Boys High school, directed by Health Department’s schedule for Yanam teaching staff of various institutions. They took my saliva under my tongue and put it on the slide. I was tense, because of my travel history to vijayawada. My serial Number was 57 behind my classmate Datla varma. But luckily, my result got negative. I was relieved. As on 16-04-2021, My stock market profits stood at Rs.10,320 for investment of Rs 5 lakhs.

On 19-04-2021, Inspite of my repeated requests my wife and hasini went to to thota street evening 5.oo p.m to meet her sister’s family. I told not to go due to fear of covid-19 infection, but they have not listened. I controlled my anger. what to do I told my frustration to my son, but he simply listened. what to do. My daughter’s sir has sent the M2-OT-10 marks. In that she secured 26th rank with 357 marks out of 720. O.k. somewhat satisfied myself. To-day I came to hear through news channels that, A.P. Govt. has declared school holidays from tomarrow onwards for 1 to 9 th classes due to covid-19 second wave. Again my daughter’s belongings were locked in Gosala hostel. What to do?

On 20-04-2021, at 11.00A.M, I went to Electricity Department, Yanam to meet J.E Muggala regarding replacement of my house electric meter, for which he has asked me to meet Thiru. Geddam Satyanarayana to get the estimation. So he came to my house and asked my son to take the photos.

Later at 1.00 p.m, he called me to pay the fees of Rs.3,000\-. I paid the fees to Thiru. Geddam satyanaryana.

On 20-04-2021, I along with my wife brought LG 65 inches 4k ultra HD for Rs.89,000\- from L.G. Showroom near State Bank, Yanam through bajaj finance. I paid Rs26,700 down payment and I had to pay Rs.6104 11 monthly installments from June 1st onwards. Initially my wife along vijay went to LG showroom (Owner is vijay’s friends father) to purchase LG 687 litres fridge for Rs.79,000\. But later she later changed her mind due to my decision. This is my first purchase through bajaj finance and got the bajaj digital card with credit limit of Rs.1,00,000. This was transported to my home through thotti rikchaw for which he charged Rs.150\- (Rs.100 given by shop owner and Rs.50 my slef). On 21-04-2021, Sharath kumar from Amalapuram came to my home at 12.00 p.m. and mounted the Tv to the wall. He has not taken any charges for that, but he insisted to get extra one year warrant for Rs.15,500 and our T.V has existing one year warranty. I refused his offer saying we will see this at the end of 1 year warranty. I along with my family have seen Telugu movie Krack through aha channel of vijay’s account.

On 21-04-2021, India recorded daily high of 3,15,000 corona positive cases and 2,100 deaths due to second wave. On 22-04-2021, I received 10 Adenium plants 6, 82,57,93,SV,98,2,22,55,13 through speed post from Murali mohan, Hyderabad which I payed Rs.3500/- ( Each plant Rs.350/-) through phone pay on 10-04-2021.

On 24-04-2021, Electricity Department two officials ( Harsha’s father and his assistant) Installed the New 3-phase electric meter in my house. I gave him Rs.200\ for installation charges ( like bribe). He also took some plants and one cement pot. He told me that his son is studying ECE Ist year in PEC, Puducherry and also brought HCL Laptop for Rs. 55,000\- and his daughter Bindu Hasini studying 10th class and he gave her Biju’s coaching (CBSE) for which Rs.2,000/- deducting from his salary account. India recorded daily high of 3,46,000 corona positive cases and 2,600 deaths due to second wave. Many are dying due to lack of oxygen supply. Health system in some of our cities like Delhi, Mumbai and chennai got collapsed. Even in my place Yanam, weekend lockdown is implemented unitl 26-04-2021 ( Morning). All shops are closed. Lanka Rama Rao, Retired supdt (65) died due to coronoa second wave and he did need 0 +ve plasma blood. I don’t know what happened.

India recorded daily high covid-19 cases of 3,56,000 and 3,000 deaths as on 26-04-2021. Many countries like U.S.A, France , U.K giving their helping had by supplying oxygen related equipment. Google under the leadership of sudarpitchai had pledged to give 130 crores to P.M relief fund. Our staff Seru Ganesh’s wife satyaveni and her elder daughter got covid-19 positive and Ganesh informed us he will not come to institution as he will look after them. Through Malladi vijay’s father, I came to know that he has put a bet along with Teja (Rs.3 laksh) each of Rs.1.5 lakh on Ranga swamy getting a minimum majority of 1800. The bet was placed in the hands of Bhaskar Raju with a commission of 10%. On 30-04-2021, I took Rambabu, office sanitary helper to repair my two fans in my house. Initially he refused to take the money, but later he asked for Rs.100\-. But I gave Rs.200\-. Office LDC Rambabu and Superintendent Sadanala Babu also got covid positive. To-day India recorded daily high covid-19 cases of 4,02,110 and 3,600 deaths.

on 01-05-2021(Saturday), my April month budget is: Income: 62628 , Expenditure: 92,469 Net loss: 29,841.

On 02-05-2021, Thiru. Gollapalli Ashok made upset win against C.M. candidate Thiru. N. Rangaswamy with a margin of 656 votes. I think, it is his own birth place Dariyalathippa is turning point for this defeat. Very bad day for yanam for next five years. Many malladi fans have lost huge money on bets. My wife maternal uncle Malladi sattibabu lost around 50 lakhs. Malladi vijay lost 5 lakshs. Malladi Teja lost 2 lakhs. Sorra Srinu lost 2 lakhs. My brother’s wife brother lost 1 lakh.

On 03-05-2021, In Yanam region record high of 164 people tested covid +ve. My brother tested +ve. Even myself feeling not well for the last two days with head-ache and cold and also no proper sleep. But I did’nt go to hospital fearing that my name will come in the covid-19 list. My brother isloated in my parent’s house ( Ground floor).

On 05-05-2021, All Pipmate staff except Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Polytechnic college, Yanam have received their March month salary. We did’nt receive because, local Indian bank was shut down as one of their employee was effected by Covid-19. My brother came to his home and he was isolated at Meditation room after her wife’s frequent phone calls. To-day 06-05-2021, after a long time, my father had lunch at my house.

March month salary was credited on 07-05-2021, as Indian bank was opened. On 08-05-2021,I along with my wife went to Tallarevu Nursery, brought Rs.220/- plants and two ceramic pots for Rs.1000\- at Yanam. I came to know that Konda restaurent owner’s wife and Pvc water pipes shop( adjacent to State Bank ATM, Yanam) owner were passed away due to corona. At present in India daily we are seeing on an avg 4 lakh new cases and 4,300 deaths on daily basis due to covid-19 second wave. Other countries are pointing finger at Modi as he has not prevented this. Now W.H.O officials predicting India could face more number of fatalities in coming days. Thiru. N. Ranga swamy of N.R. party tested covid-19 positive after CM swearing ceremony. On 09-05-2021, Yanam people celebrated Gollapalli Ashok’s birthday by erecting huge cut outs in their respective areas. But Ashok was not there, as he was trying for ministerial bearth through BJP quota with the help from Central Minister kishan reddy.

On 11- 05 -2021, our college prinicpal Dr.N.Sozhan has given me a authorization letter to act as a drawing and disbursing officer from to-day onwards to settle some bills including our April month salary. In stock market trading Mastek made me headache due to zerodha( my brokerage).

On 13-05-2021, I came to know that my degree college Physical director Koppula Swamy Naidu was expired and also our college cashier lova raju’s father also expired. Due to this I got a huge burden to submit salary bills. With the help of siva ganesh, I am going to figure out this. Evening at about 5.00 p.m., I went to cashier Lova raju’s house after getting a call from our college driver katta Anand to pay homage to his father’s death (78 years old) ( died due to heart-attack) and put flowers on his feet and there I explained about our college staff’s salary problems. He agreed to come to college at his convenience to set right our pending salary bills. I also came to know through my mother, her colleague Hindi teacher worked in K.N.G.G High school and her husband both died due to corona. Her children are in abroad and they unable to attend their parent’s last rites. very painful. Seema singh, Professor in English of IIT Kharagpur suspended her after the viral video circulated in internet in which she was seen threatening her students of minority for bunking online class by using words like bastards. Prior to this, she has also threatened first year students (my son is also included) in abusive language. But later she mailed an apology letter to all students stating that due to covid-19 stress, she was not able to control her outburst. She is of 15 years service. It is a lesson to all teachers who are taking online classes to deal with students who are bunking it.

For me to-day (14-05-2021) is another bad day in stock market. At present my loss is showing at 32,000/-. Very bad. My bad days continuing for the last 5 days. This all due to corona second wave. What to do?. I came to know that patience is very much needed to do this business in stock market. For the last four days, I have seen hollywood movies cast away, Everest, Davinci code and Angels and Demons in netflix in my lg 65 inches ultra hd tv.

కాస్ట్ అవే 2000

టామ్ హాంక్స్ నటించిిిన చిత్రం కేవలం ఒకే ఒక్క నటుడితో మొదటి నుండి చివరి వరకు కనురెప్ప వాల్చకుండా చూడాలి అనిపించే సినిమా ఎలాంటి విపత్కర పరిస్థితుల్లో కూడా జీవితం పై ఆశ తో ఎలా బ్రతకాలి అని చెప్పే సినిమా నిజంగా సినిమా అంటే ఇలానే ఉండాలి అని అంతా బాగుంటుంది.

Everest is a 2015 historical adventure film directed and produced by Baltasar Kormákur and written by William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy. It stars an ensemble cast of Jason Clarke, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Sam Worthington, Keira Knightley and Emily Watson.

Pink and Undecided: Review : Everest Movie (and Interesting Facts about Mt.  Everest)

The Da Vinci Code is a 2006 American mystery thriller film directed by Ron Howard, written by Akiva Goldsman, and based on Dan Brown’s 2003 best-selling novel of the same name. The first in the Robert Langdon film series, the film stars Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Sir Ian McKellen, Alfred Molina, Jürgen Prochnow, Jean Reno and Paul Bettany.

The Da Vinci Code (2006) - Rotten Tomatoes

Angels & Demons is a 2009 American mystery thriller film directed by Ron Howard and written by Akiva Goldsman and David Koepp, based on Dan Brown’s 2000 novel of the same title.

Angels & Demons (2009) - Rotten Tomatoes

On 15-05-2021 (saturday) , My april month salary and my daughter hostel fees of Rs.49,500 (2019-20) credited into my account using my drawing and disbursing powers ( I went to office, even though it is a holiday). In the evening, when I was go through my google adsense account, to my utter shocking, they deducted 5.69$ from my account citing invalid traffic ( may10-11) . So remaining balance is 0.37$. Another utter disappointing.

From yesterday’s night to today’s (16-05-2021) morning, I was preoccupied with google adsense related problem. I was adding adsense invalid click protector codes to my adsense ad units html. We will see what this adsense team will respond?. Finally after working continuously for 3 days with night workout ( upto 1.00 a.m) , I succeeded getting a new theme ( Zakra) for my website on 19-05-2021 at 12.00 a.m to satisfy mobile compatibility for my maths subject, google mobile test tool and google adsense.

On 20-05-2021, technician from Yanam royal fridge came and repaired it by putting timer brought from kakinada (Rs.1500). Hope frige will function for one year. By evening I came to know that, my mother’s motor in our home got repaired with its pipe broken. Due to this I had to water my plants on terrace garden with water bucket. very tough job indeed.

On 21-05-2021 morning plumber murthy came and repaired mother’s motor, costed me around Rs.1000 ( Rs.800 for spare parts and Rs.200 for plumber). wife went to her elder sister’s home in afternoon time without telling me, made me angry and thought that she would come early in the evening to prepare dinner for me and my son. Instead she send food ( rice with chicken curry) through her sisters second daughter at 8.00 p.m. I got frustrated, could not control myself and told my son that, I will not eat that food, the same was told to wife via phone with anger. At last she came to my home leaving my daughter in her sister’s home and prepared some curry without interest and asked me to eat through my son. But my son eat their food. Now she is angry and not talking to me. This short quarrel I don’t know how long will this last?. This all due to her elder sister’s game play.

Veerababu, MTS, Sub Court, Yanam is died due to covid-19. His wife taken her life 2 years earlier by attempting hanging suicide next day after new house opening ceremony . His daughter studying B.Sc nursing came to my home one month back along wih chitti and explained her family problem. On 22-05-2021, I saw War of the worlds movie (Released in 2005) in netflix in my LG TV acted by Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg.

At the Movies with Alan Gekko: War of the Worlds “05” – Drop The Spotlight

At night, I came to know that in theme customizing content, if the full content option in place of Excerpt is clicked, then mobile compatibility issue arises using wordpress app. So there is no issue with my previous sparkling theme.

On 23-05-2021(Sunday) brought (through son) 1and half kg chicken ( Rs.250/-). In afternoon I saw two Hollywood movies in Netflix in LG T.V

Deep Impact (8/10) Movie CLIP - The Comet Hits Earth (1998) HD - YouTube

Deep Impact is a 1998 American science-fiction disaster film directed by Mimi Leder, written by Bruce Joel Rubin and Michael Tolkin, and starring Robert Duvall, Téa Leoni, Elijah Wood, Vanessa Redgrave, Maximilian Schell, and Morgan Freeman. Steven Spielberg served as an executive producer of this film.

Joker is a 2019 American psychological thriller film directed and produced by Todd Phillips, who co-wrote the screenplay with Scott Silver. The film, based on DC Comics characters, stars Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker and provides a possible origin story for the character. It grossed over $1 billion, the first and only R-rated film to do so, becoming the sixth-highest-grossing film of 2019 during its theatrical run. At the 92nd Academy Awards, the film earned a leading 11 nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, winning Best Actor for Phoenix (who became the second actor to win an Oscar for portraying the Joker, following Heath Ledger in 2009) and Best Original Score for Hildur Guðnadóttir. Phoenix and Guðnadóttir also won at the Golden Globe and BAFTA Award ceremonies. 

Night I saw Minority Report movie in Netflix.

Minority Report movie review & film summary (2002) | Roger Ebert

Minority Report is a 2002 American science fiction action film directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Tom Cruise.

On 24-05-2021, in the afternoon, I saw

The Revenant | The revenant full movie, The revenant movie, The revenant

The Revenant is a 2015 American epic Revisionist Western film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu.

On 25-05-2021, I along with my wife , son went to Zakir hussain English primary school near Govt. library and got vaccinated first dose of covi-shield to protect from corona virus at 12.03 p.m. Side effects: Pain at the injection area and hand pain when lifting any weight. But no fever or any body aches at the moment. Next will be after 84 days (17-08-2021). By night time, I got high fever with shivering, head ache ,body aches and back pain. I could not sleep even for some time through night. I even got dreams like, I am going to die. what will happen to my children. very horrible.

On 26-05-2021, I got up at 8.30 in morning. still some headache and fever .Due to no sleep previous night, I even thought of not going to college. But I went there. There my colleagues told me that , since you got fever, it is very good as vaccine is working properly.

On 27-05-2021, I learned how to to prepare jeevamrutham for terrace garden plants. This can also be implemented for organic farming. Preparation: 1. 1 1/2 kg ulavalu, 1 kg bellam. 2. soak these ulavalu in water for 1 hour. Then grind it using mixi or grinder. 3. Put bellam in water and heat it for bellam pakam. 3. Bag full of cow dung. 4. 2 bottles of cow urine. Mix all these items in one big open top drum and fill it with water and keep it for 3 days and then use it.

On 28-05-2021, I along with wife, son went to uncle narayana’s daughter pellikuthuru function had lunch and gave 2,000(mother’s) and 1,000(mine) at his rented home at yetigattu, near old age home . Since there are no chadivimpulu, his wife asked his husband to return the money. But I did’nt took. Learnt that marriage is at vijayanagaram and told my uncle we will not come there. He also not insisted as he booked mini 18 seater spefically for his wife relatives.

On 31-05-2021 salary not credited. Rumors stated that Govt has diverted this fund to moilize for cash

on 01-06-2021(Tuesday), my May month budget is: Income: 62174 , Expenditure: 46,248 Net loss: 15,926. Villa Venkat Rao, born in 1924, former president of congress, owner of pvt transport busses, petrol bunks dies of covid-19.

On 03-06-2021, kunapureddy satish aged 45 years owns crores of rupees at chinna center died due to some kind of illness. shocking news to me. For the last 3 days wife is at her elder sister’s house looking after her sister’s last daughter who has fallen ill due to liver complaint. Now today on 04-06-2021, she went to bheemavaram to admit her in a pvt hospital. It is frustrating for us as she is not at all thinking about her own family. At the moment my son is cooking for us. With the help of Jnani, I able to pay the domain renewal fees of Rs.1260 through his credit card as I am failing to approach SBI branch to get my own credit card, as it is very rush and it is only operating morning hours.

On 05-06-2021 my May month salary credited. I am exploring the options to add affiliate links to my wordpress website. Fiverr, Bluehost, Amazon were added. To-day morning I attended the 1st day session of Yoga and meditation programme by Art of living foundation, puducherry through zoom session. In this process I suddenly installed theme grill demo importer plugin through which I imported zakra business theme without my theme backup. Due to this My previous theme completely changed and my favorite navigation menu lost. I tried lot of ways, even working upto 2.00 a.m that night, but no solution. But on 06-06-2021 night time, I finally settled with Rambo theme, which is good for showing lot of advertisements but only draw back is some of my mathematics solutions are unable to view in mobile through vertical mode, it is possible only in horizontal mode.

On 08-06-2021, I joined Adidas, Nike, Acer through admitad, Hostinger, Book of millions through Cj affiliate and clickbank affiliate programme. My wife elder sister family went to Hyderabad to get treatment for ambika at Asiant gastro endoscopy at Gachhibowli for liver problem. Elder sister husband went to hyderabad by car and their family members went to hyderabad by flight from Rajahmundry airport. TOn 11-06-2021 cuelinks affiliate programme has given approval for my site after lost E-mail replies. But Flipkart and amazon programmes were rejected through cue links. In the phone conversation with my first year HODi/c Dr. Sariram sundaram, I just leaked informtion about my trading at share market, to which he said that it illegal for any Govt.servant to do trading as per central ccs rules and also he asked me to search about this in google. On 12-06-2021, initially I thought of opening my wife account through which I can do trading, even I paid three hundred for opening account in zerodha, since she is not having pan card copy, I dropped this idea and later I searched through google and came to know that I had to file ITR-2 and have to pay 15% income tax for my short term capital gains on my shares.

On 13-06-2021, again I changed my wodpress theme to Sparkling theme(colorlib) as existing rambo theme has my mathematical equations cropped in my mobile vertical view.

On 14-06-2021, after trading finished, I decided to stop this frequent buying and selling shares for temporary halt until I secured a pan copy of wife and also decided to withdraw 50 percent amount from my brokerage to my bank account. This is because under ccs rules, Government servant can not do frequent buying and selling.

On 16-06-2021, My daughter celebrated her 14th birth day at home due to covid-19 (otherwise she would have been at hostel). For this my total expenses are Rupees four thousand nine hundred and fifty only.