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Best military aircrafts India VS Pakistan as of 2020


  1. fighter aircraft(Multirole)

F16 fighting falcon Block52

2. Attack helicopter

Bell AH-1

3. Transport Helicopter

Mil Mi-17

4. Tactical Air lifter/ transport

C-130 Hercules

5. Aerial Tanker

Ilyushin Il-78MP


Saab 2000 Erieye

7. UAV (Attack)


8. UAV (Reconnaissance)

selex galileo

9. Electronic Warfare

dassault falcon 20

10. fighter aircraft(Attack)

Dassault Mirage V


  1. Fighter Aircraft(Air Force Multirole)

Dassault Rafale

2.Fighter Aircraft(Navy Multirole)


3.Attack helicopter (Army and airforce)

Boeing AH-64E

4. transport helicopter

CH-47 Chinook

5. Strategic airlifter

C17 Globemaster

6.Ariel tanker

Ilyushin Il78 MKI

7. Tactical Airlifter

C-130J Super Hercules

8. Heavy lift helicopter

Mil Mi-26

9. AWACS (Air force fixed wing)


And A-50EI (Il-76)

10. AWACS (NAVY rotary wing)

Kamov ka 31

11. reconnaissance (ELINT)

global 5000 (used under R&AW)

12. electronic warfare

gulfstream III (used under R&AW)

13. Anti submarine warfare(fixed wing)

Boeing P8i

14.Anti submarine warfare(rotary wing)

Kamov Ka 27

15. UAV (Attack)

IAI Harop

16.UAV (Patrol)

IAI Haron

17. Fighter aircraft (Ground attack)


18. Sexiest aircraft of all time


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