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loco pilots

Where do loco pilots stay after their trip?

In their second home “ running room’. After reaching the relief point towards outside from headquarter they relieved by a new set of crew. Now they have to stay for a minimum of 06 hours to 08 hours at their second home running room. Here are images the of running room.

They have to register their names in the running room register. The crew are given a separate room. Like this. Nowadays mostly all the running rooms are air-conditioned.

After get fresh they have to go to the market to buy the ration for them. Cooks in the running room will make their meals. Now they can read magazines in the hall, can also do meditation, yoga or taking rest in their room.

Thill calls for at dining hall when their meals will ready. Dining hall.

After completing the meal now it is time to take rest. They will call for their train towards headquarter after rest.

Runniisfis distalmost memorable place of loco pilots apart from home.

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