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Indian missiles

• Agni 5 is the most accurate Inter Continental Ballistic Missile in the world with less than 10m CEP. It has a yield of 300 kT.

•BrahMos is the fastest cruise missile in the world.

• Akash air defence missile is one of the cheapest and most effective missiles in its category.

• BrahMos missile has sea skimming capability and can fly as low as 3 metres from water surface.This makes it invisible to some of the air defence systems.

• During 1971 war, a Styx missile was used by India to destroy Pakistans Kemari oil storage .It was the first time when a missile purely developed for an anti-ship role was used for land attack purpose.

• Operation Trident saw the first use of anti-ship missiles in South east Asia region.

• BrahMos is portmanteau of Brahmaputra river of India and Moskva river of Russia.

• Prithvi and Akash air defence missiles made India fourth nation in the world to have developed ballistic missile defence system after USA,Russia and Israel.

•Nag anti-tank missile is the only missile in the world to have full fibre glass body .

•K 15 missile along with Arihant class submarine completed Indias nuclear triad.

• Indias K series of submarine launched ballistic missiles is named after Sir APJ Abdul Kalam who was known as “missile man of India”.

• PDV mk2 used in Indias mission Shakti made India fourth nation in the world to have ability to shoot down satellites after USA,Russia and China.

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