The appearance power of an IAS

What is the appearance power of an IAS?

The IAS officer is responsible for the entire district. Therefore, the authority of district administration is in their hands.

1.) Leadership:-

As an IAS officer acts as government representative at whichever position they are deployed. Being part of the government, the IAS officer needs to show exceptional leadership skills and guide others towards a unified goal of development and betterment of people of India.

2.) Administration :-

One of the key responsibilities entrusted to an IAS officer by the government, is to look after the day to day administrative affairs of their jurisdictional area. To fulfil this responsibility and be able to meet all administrative tasks by building a general consensus, the IAS officer needs to be an able administrator.

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3.) Honesty:-

Corruption is the biggest problem in government machinery and despite several efforts from numerous governments no long lasting and effective solution has been found to this problem. Being responsible for administration, finance and law-order of a jurisdictional area, gives an IAS officer immense power to curb this problem. An officer with high sense of personal integrity and honesty can lead the charge against problems like corruption and put an end to this menace.

4.) Patriotism:-

This is the single most important quality that an IAS officer should possess. Keeping your country before one’s personal interest may sound very easy and idealistic, but when implemented will have a monumental impact on. The single most important task that IAS officers are entrusted with is to build an India for tomorrow; and being a patriot will guide all the actions of a person in a way that benefits the country.

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5.) At Sub-Divisional Level:-

IAS officers are posted at sub-divisional level on the post of sub-divisional magistrate at the beginning of their career. Here, they have to maintain law & order as well as look after general administrative and developmental work in the area allotted under their jurisdiction.

5.) At District Level: 

IAS officers are deployed on District Magistrate’s post or as a District Collector or Deputy Commissioner.The responsibilities and associated powers of IAS officer at district level remain same. They have to look after administrative affairs of the district and implement and supervise developmental work in the area allotted under their jurisdiction.

6.) Facilities:-

a) Residence:- IAS officers generally get huge houses as residences on very low or no rent. They also can avail of the services of maids, cooks, gardeners, security guards, etc. DM gets a bungalow to stay. And SDM gets possibly flat. It depends on the city.

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b) Transport:- They are allotted one or more vehicles with chauffeurs for official purposes. Also 1 or 2 policemen are there for security.

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c) Bills: They generally get free or highly subsidised electricity, water, gas and phone connections.

d)Job Security:- IAS officers have enviable job security. It is not easy to fire an officer and the process requires extensive investigations and inquiries. IAS family protection is provided if needed.