life at IIM Indore

The IIM Indore campus is set on a hill, a hill called ‘Prabandh Shikhar ‘. The campus is in three ‘levels’ which are at three different heights around the hill. The Sports Complex, Mess-3 and student hostels are all situated on Level-3 i.e. at the lowest level. More student hostels, Mess-1, Mess-2 & everything happening is on Level-2. Level-1 has the Academic Block, the Learning Centre and the Old Auditorium.

A Typical Day

The classes begin at the early hour of 8:45 AM and all are expected to be punctual since there is a premium to be paid for tardiness. As a result, there is a mad scramble in the mess as well as on the way up to the academic block. Not only does one have to be on time, but also be prepared for class by having studied the readings that have been circulated in advance. The 75-minute long sessions, punctuated by 15 minute tea breaks occupy most of the days.

Students’ Activities Council (SAC)

One of the most distinctive features of the campus is that students run most of the things. The Students’ Activities Council (SAC) is the channel through which the student body carries out most of its endeavours.

  • The student body runs its very own shop known as the PI shop, which caters to the daily needs of the students. Not only does it stock basic groceries, it also provides hands-on experience on running a business – a true learning experience as far as management is concerned.
  • In addition, the students run a fast food and juice joint called Juices and More, more commonly known as JAM. Known for its freshly prepared juices and fast food, JAM is also the place where most of students meet up in the evenings, have conversations, watch cricket matches and generally relax.

Academic Infrastructure

IIM Indore participants are being trained and educated by excellent teachers, including both visiting and regular faculty members. The Institute also has efficient staff members, taking care of the Institute’s administration. The academic facilities include:

Learning Centre (Library), 01 Computer Lab, 01 Finance Lab, 28 Syndicate Rooms, 35 Lecture Theaters, 103 Faculty Cabins.

The Institute also has two auditoriums, each having an amphitheater. The Auditorium-1 (old auditorium) has 300-seating capacity while Auditorium-2 (new auditorium) has 800-seating capacity, which is situated at the Sports Complex.

Sports Facility

IIM Indore has state-of-the- art Sports Complex, having the best sports facilities for both indoor as well as outdoor sports. Apart from Auditorium-2, the Sports Complex has the following facilities:

1 Meditation, Aerobics and Yoga Room, 1 Steam Bath Area, 1 Cardio Zone Area, 1 Banquet Hall, 1 Event Court, 1 Cricket Stadium, 1 Football Ground, 1 Cafeteria, 1Table Tennis Court, 2 Volleyball Courts, 1 Billiards, 2 Swimming Pools, 1 Squash Court, 2 Gymnasiums, 1 Lawn Tennis Court, 3 Basketball Courts, 1 Sauna Bath Area, 6 Badminton Courts.

The Institute has been availing services of experienced certified fitness instructors who bring a wide range of expertise to the Fitness Centre. The fitness trainers provide cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility training, yoga and aerobics training.

Hostel Block Facility

Each of the blocks has a square in the center where basketball/badminton courts with artificial turf are maintained, with some blocks also having lawns in the square. Each hostel block has a common room where facilities such as wall-mounted televisions with DTH connection, table-tennis tables, dart game and carrom and chess games are available.

The individual rooms are furnished with teak cots and mattress, a computer table, chairs, closets and shelves. All rooms have full-time internet connectivity with direct lines to the main LAN. The housekeeping staff is available throughout the week to take care of cleaning of rooms, corridors and rest rooms on a daily basis.

IIM Indore Learning Centre (LC)

The IIM Indore Learning Centre (LC) with its modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services; fills an essential role for students, faculty, and the surrounding community in their intellectual pursuits. It is a hybrid library with the state-of-the-art technological applications, holding knowledge resources predominantly related to management and allied subjects. The entire LC collection including the CD-ROM databases and the online databases are made available through Institute’s network.

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