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India-specific modifications in Rafale fighter jets

  • Enhanced M88 Engine:
    • The engine has been modified to allow the Rafale to operate in a multitude of extreme operational environments ranging from high altitudes to deserts. Engine condition monitoring sensors are being attached to maintain the Rafale’s overall engine health.
  • Doppler Weather Radar:
    • The radar located at the nose of the fighter aircraft the Doppler Weather radar is capable of letting the pilot know about the weather ahead
  • Indian Regional Navigation Satellite With SIGMA:
    • The indigenous satellite system is being made compatible with the French-designed fighter platform
  • Extra Filtered Oxygen Generation:
    • This enhancement is designed to filter out particulate matter, found in high altitude. The onboard oxygen generation system will serve to reduce the risk of hypoxia to fighter pilots, which is a result of lowering levels of oxygen supply ot the pilot.
  • Spice 1000 Smart Bomb:
  • The Israeli designed SPICE smart missiles are to be integrated into the Rafales aerial panel.
  • Quad Pack Ejectors
  • X Gaurd Fibre Optic Towed Decoy

This decoy system is designed to counter incoming enemy surface to air missiles (SAM’s) and air to air missiles (AAM’s)

Source from ssbcrack

Indiaspecific enhancements include,

  • helmet-mounted sight,
  • radar warning receivers,
  • flight data recorders with enough storage for 10 hours of data,
  • infrared search and track systems,
  • jammers and cold engine start capability to operate from high-altitude bases.

Source from Hindustantimes.

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