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Rafale Verse F16


In a dog-fight, advantage lies with one who targets the enemy first. And Radar helps in doing just that. In F16, Lockheed Martin has integrated technologies derived from the F-22 and F-35 including the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) APG-83 radar. Its maximum engagement range is 20 targets at 84 kms.

Rafale on the other hand is fitted with 4 key technologies:

  1. A multi-directional radar which can detect 40 targets at the same time in a range of over 100 kms.
  2. An undetectable passive radar sensor which is an extremely precise optical camera.
  3. Recognisance pod: a massive digital camera which can take photos at any speed with a precision of 10 cms.
  4. And finally, Spectra, an integrated defence aid system which can jam or counter-jam enemy radar signals, give missile-approach warnings and send out decoy signals in case an enemy missile gets too close to the Rafale.

Decoy signal is an electromagnetic pulse sent from the rear of the plane which de-roots enemy missile.

Rafale is a 4.5th generation aircraft whereas the F-16 is 4th generation aircraft.

After going through the specifications it is clear that the Rafale is more on the advantageous side but it clearly shows that the dogfight between the two flying machines would be tough. But it also depends on the skill of the pilots which in turn depends on his country’s training capability. If the pilot is skilful then he can shoot down a more advanced jet with a less advanced jet, for instance the statements released by Indian AirForce(IAF)said that F-16 of the Pakistan AirForce(PAF), was shot down by a 3.5th generation Mig-21 BISON flown by IAF’s pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman in march 2019

Conclusion:The dogfight Rafale and F-16 will be tough but the result also depends on the skills of the pilots.

About F-16: The F-16 is the world’s most successful, war-proven fourth-generation multirole fighter Jet. Its production was started by the USA in 1973. There are more than 4600 units of this single-engine aircraft (F-16) have been built and currently, 3000 units are still in service. Today, it is being used in 25 countries. Its speed is 2400 km per hour and the service duration is 12000 hours.

About Rafael:- Rafael is a multilayer fighter aircraft with two engines. This 4.5th generation fighter aircraft is made by the French company Dassault Aviation. Rafale can also be used for anti-nuclear strikes, anti-ship strikes, and in-depth operations. Its maximum speed is 2222 km/hour at high altitude.

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