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Hostel life for Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur

After a bit of formalities like filling up the registration form, Verification of our counselling allotments, collecting our Medical book and some official work, the room keys were handed over to me. First year students generally get room on the basis of triple sharing.

The rooms are spacious enough for 3 students to stay comfortably. The institute will be providing you with a bed, study table and a shelf. You will have to purchase a mattress and other daily essentials which you’ll easily find as many temporary shops are setup during this time all around the campus.

So the next task was to arrange all my luggage and belongings properly and in the best possible way. A big thanks to my mom on this front as she was the one who actually arranged my room and I was just helping her with some small things.

So this was the look of our fully arranged room:

Looks colourful right 😉😉.

The room is well ventilated and you will not be feeling entrapped. We have two balconies…one in the front and the other one in the back.

View from the rear balcony. That’s the old block. We have 5 blocks in the hall and freshers are alloted the E Block (The most recently built one).

That’s the view from the front balcony.

Beleive me doing all this is not easy. You will get exhausted by the time all this is done. So after a small afternoon nap, we decided to take a tour of the campus. The campus is lush green and the positive vibe it gives out is truly magnific.

View from the classroom complex.

View from the Academic Block

So after a quick exploration of the campus we returned back and it was time for my parents to leave.

Now it was time for my first meal in the mess. It was too good. (Would have been better if they would have maintained the quality throughout the year🙃🙃)

meal in the mess.

Night view of my hall.

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