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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati is known to be the 16th institute among the IIT Group of Institutions. Presently, the institute comprises of 11 departments and five academic centres. IIT Guwahati has a fully residential campus and is often considered to be the most beautiful college campus in India.

The institute is located in the banks of the mighty river Brahmaputra in Guwahati which is one of the most beautiful regions of India. The region provides a rich combination of greenery, scenic beauty, flora and fauna and the cultural treasures of the people that inhabit it. The students have the option of crossing this grand river on a country boat. Places like Ashwaklanta temple, the Dol-Gobinda temple, Dirgheswari temple, etc fall in the vicinity of the institute, including the well known amusement park Accoland, which is just 30 minutes drive from the institute.

The 700 acre campus on the northern banks of Brahmaputra and hills bordering the other side will surely allure you with its methodical patches of greenery and well-organized lanes. River on one side and hills on the other, make it a paradise.

With the majestic Brahmaputra river on one side and hills and lakes on the other, IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) Guwahati is counted amongst one of the most beautiful and scenic campuses in India. Moreover, the perfect blend of natural beauty and splendid architecture makes this institute all the more stunning.

Campus Insights

The 74,000 square metre Academic Complex houses the academic departments, centres, their laboratories, classrooms, etc. A spacious Administrative Building accommodates the offices of the Institute. The Computer and Communication Centre houses a modern Computer Centre and Central Library. A lecture hall complex with four lecture halls, each capable of seating 250 scholars and an auditorium of 1500 capacity provide space for teaching and holding various events/programmes.

Class Room & Library/ Laboratory


Students’ Gymkhana Council is the body that promotes the objectives of fostering extra-curricular, co-curricular activities, welfare of students, and their stay in the campus. It comprises of five boards:

  • Technical Board
  • Sports Board
  • Hostel Affairs Board
  • Welfare Board
  • Cultural Board

Student’s Welfare Board

Students’ Welfare Board is a panel of clubs which are responsible for the overall welfare of the campus junta. We, at IIT G, are highly concerned about the quality of life and ambience that a student experiences during their stay at this beautiful abode. We ensure your healthy stay at campus through our various clubs which have their definite agenda

Saathi Counselling Club

The club is basically responsible for the overall mental health of the campus janta.

Rights and Responsibilities Club

This club is expected be the Voice of Students.

Red Ribbon Club

The main focus of this club is educate youth with correct, concise and adequate information and heighten their level of awareness about HIV AIDS, STI and other related issues.

Academic Initiative Club

This club work against the issues first year students face in their Academics due to various reasons like having problem in understanding Language, Phobia of asking questions in class and many other reasons.

Social Service Club

The aim being to inculcate social welfare thoughts in students who are the future of our nation and carry out actions reflecting the same without any prejudice.

Youth Empowerment Club

The Youth Empowerment Club engages youth in positive activities during the hours that they are most likely to be involved in the negative lures of their communities.

Events and Fests

Technical fest- Techniche which is conducted in the month of September every year. It is largest technical fest in North east India.

Cultural festival – Alchrianga Conducted in the month of February every year and has a reputation of largest cultural festival in North east India and 2nd largest in India. Apart from this there are department and sport fests too.


The research park at IIT Guwahati is the first park to be set up in NE India approved by The Ministry of Human Resource & Development. IITG is one of the most scenic campuses in the whole of India with the research park located adjacent to it. The mission is to create a world–class ecosystem for fostering leading edge innovation in the country.

The vision is to promote the advancement of technology-based innovators, entrepreneurs and small & large companies through customised space, shared equipment, incubation, mentorship and funding.

Industries can set up their offices at IIT Guwahati Research Park to carry R&D activities and this will allow them to be part of a vibrant community and gain access to R&D professionals, students and state-of-the-art R&D. Partnering with the park will enable industries to access the laboratories, high-end equipment and other resources at IITG.

Hostel Facility

All the students of the Institute have been provided with hostel rooms in the campus. The accommodation is single-seater. These hostels are equipped with all modern amenities. There are facilities for sports and recreation such as satellite TV, indoor games and a gymnasium.

Facilities for outdoor games like volleyball, basketball and football are also there. Every room in the the hostels are provided with network connectivity. Separate accommodation is provided to the girl students. A round-the-clock canteen is in operation to cater to the needs of the students.

Sports Facility

The Institute has a Gymkhana to oversee the cultural and sports activities. The Gymkhana has a student General Secretary, a Sports Secretary, Academic Secretary, a Cultural Secretary – all of whom belong to the student community and are elected by the students.

The Gymkhana arranges cultural activities for the benefit of the students. A cultural festival called Alcheringa and a techno-management festival called Techniche are organised every year. IIT Guwahati has sub-chapter of SPIC-MACAY Guwahati.

The Sports Complex comprising of an indoor sports stadium with synthetic badminton, table tennis and squash courts, gymnasium and the Students Gymkhana office, an 8 lane 50 m long swimming pool and flood-lit playing fields for all major outdoor games provide ample scope of recreation for the campus residents.

The Gymkhana has a good collection of musical equipment for the use of its students. It also arranges different sports activities. Indoor sports facilities are available in the indoor sports stadium with synthetic badminton, table tennis, squash courts and gymnasium as well as in the hostels. Outdoor games are arranged in the flood-lit sports fields. An eight lane 50 metre long swimming pool takes care of the swimming aficionados. IIT Guwahati provides world class sports facilities to the students.


Campus Tour video of IITG

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